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LIVE Group Fitness Classes - Week 15
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Hatha Yoga with Mirabai
July 3
9:15 AM
  One of the most popular styles of Yoga, Hatha Yoga strives to achieve balance between body and mind, through physical poses (Asanas), breathing techniques (Pranayama), and meditation. This class will challenge you physically, improve your flexibility and strength, and help you become more relaxed.   Attend Class

Senior Strength with Ellen
June 3
10:30 AM
  Join us for an hour of strength, balance, flexibility, cardio and range of motion. Exercises may be done in chairs and include low weights. All levels. Props: weights ( water bottles or can food) and a chair   Attend Class

Power Pulse with Julia
July 3
11:45 AM
  Resistance training intervals includes some fun and energetic cardio-dance moves (pulse) designed to inspire as well as condition. Improves agility, strength and balance using weights, bender balls and bands. All levels.   Attend Class