Camp Kehillah
Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated January 2024

Dates, Times, and Costs

1. When is Camp Kehillah 2024?

Pre-Camp: June 17 – 21 (closed 6/19)
Session 1: June 24 – July 5 (closed 7/4)
Session 2: July 8 – 19
Session 3: July 22 – August 2
Session 4: August 5 – 16

2. How much does camp cost?

2-Week Sessions: $895 members / $983 public
1-Week Options: $483 members / $530 public (For 5th grade & up)

Pre-Camp Juneteenth Holiday Session (closed on 6/19)
1-Week Option: $386 members / $424 public

July 4 Holiday Session (closed on 7/4)
2-Week Session: $805 members / $885 public
1-Week Option: $386 members / $424 public (For 5th grade & up)

3. When is camp open?

9:00 am – 4:00 pm

4. Is there extended care, and how much does it cost?

AM Care (8-9 am) is $50 per week.
PM Care (4-6 pm) is $75 per week.

AM Care (8-9 am) is $55 per week.
PM Care (4-6 pm) is $80 per week.

5. What if I don’t want to commit to ongoing extended care, but I would like to use it sometimes?

Drop-In Extended Care
AM Care (8-9 am) is $20 per day.
PM Care (4-6 pm) is $30 per day.

*FREE Extended Care offered to campers who are registered for 4+ weeks



1. Can I register for one week of a two-week session?
We do not split our 2-week sessions. At Marin JCC Camp Kehillah, we believe in creating community and lifelong friendships, and we find that our campers really need the two-week period to have a positive, lasting experience.

2. Are there sibling discounts? Jewish Professional/Campus Partner Discounts? Staff Discounts?
No, sorry, however, we are offering FREE extended care to campers who are with us for four or more weeks. To have our promotional extended care added to your account please email

3. Does Marin JCC Camp Kehillah offer scholarships?
Yes! Our scholarship application is open. Please click this link.

4. Can I set up a payment plan?
Please contact us directly to make arrangements if needed: or 415.444.8055.

5. Cancellation and Change Policy
If you choose to cancel your registration for any reason prior to April 15th, we will provide a full refund less an administrative fee of $50. For cancellations made between April 15th and June 1st, a refund of 70% of the total cost of the camp(s) due at the time of the request will be refunded. There will be NO refunds for cancellations made after June 1st.

We are unable to provide refunds for partial participation in any camp programs. No reductions in fees or refunds will be granted for missed days due to illness, absence, vacations, suspensions or dismissal. We do not pro-rate.

Camp reserves the right to cancel any camp within two weeks of the program start date if minimum enrollment is not met. If the JCC cancels a session of camp for any reason, a full refund will be issued.

After April 15th, there is a $50 change fee for each change made from one program to another.


General Questions

1. Are Camp Kehillah Staff prepared to work with my child’s needs?
Yes! We carefully train our staff to meet your child’s social, emotional, recreational, and physical needs. Each session counselors, supervisors, specialists and support staff serve our campers. Marin JCC Camp Kehillah is ACA Accredited, and we adhere to the below staff-to-camper ratios which ensures a safe and cohesive experience.

3,4-5 years have a 1:6 ratio
6-8 years have a 1:8 ratio
9-14 years have a 1:10 ratio
15 years+ have a 1:12 ratio

If you have any questions about specific accommodations that your child might need, you may call our office at 415.444.8166 and speak with Brittany Mihalik, Camp Director.

2. My child is nervous about going to camp, do you have any advice?

  • This is common and your camper/family is not alone.
  • Attend our Back-to-Camp Night before Camp Kehillah begins for parents and families to learn more about what to expect and get questions answered. Our staff will be present too!
  • For new families interested in checking out camp before sending your child to camp, we recommend setting up an at-camp tour: email
  • If you have further concerns and want to brainstorm ways to prepare your child for camp, email to schedule a call with Brittany, our Camp Director. We’re happy to help!

3. My child has never been to camp and doesn’t know anyone. Is this typical?
Yes, every session has a mix of new and returning campers. Our staff are trained to help new campers acclimate to the camp environment and are happy to help!

4. Can parents/guardians visit camp?
We do not allow family members to visit campers while they are in session. This would interfere with you and your child making a healthy separation, which is a big part of the way kids gain confidence, independence, and maturity at camp.

5. Are there ways parents/guardians can connect with camp?

  • Yes, your whole family can join us for Back-to-Camp Night: June 20, 2024 to meet some of our wonderful staff, see our beautiful property, and get a taste of the Kehillah experience.
  • We invite families to join us each Friday at 2:45 pm during the Summer Camp season for our Shabbat celebrations.
  • Alternatively, you can sign up for a tour of camp with one of our Admin Team Members by emailing

6. How Jewish is Camp Kehillah? Do we need to be Jewish to attend?
Judaism is infused into daily life at Camp. We learn a new Hebrew word or phrase each morning, sing blessings before meals, and we are mindful in the ways we treat each other. We are rooted in Jewish values, and welcome families to our beloved Shabbat celebrations each Friday.

Being Jewish, however, is not a prerequisite to attend Camp Kehillah. Not all of our campers or staff identify as Jewish,  but we all value a positive camp experience based on our values and desire to build community, regardless of our individual religious or cultural backgrounds.



1. Do I need to pack a lunch each day? Are snacks provided or should I send one?
Yes, each camper will need to bring a lunch from home each day. We will provide a snack each day, though we do ask that if your camper is a picky eater or has dietary restrictions that you pack accordingly.

2. Is Camp Kehillah Nut Free/Kosher?
Respecting and protecting campers with severe allergies falls under a Jewish value called pikuach nefesh, which literally means “saving a life.” We ask that lunches are Kosher-style (no pork or shellfish), and do not contain peanuts/tree nuts/nut oils.

3. What if my child has allergies?
Please be sure to indicate all allergies at the time of registration. If your child has a restricted diet, we suggest that you pack additional snacks/meals from home. If your child has a severe allergy, which requires medication, please contact the Camp Office to make arrangements.

For lunches and dinners provided by Camp, we will have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available.


Daily Schedule

The Camp Day consists of programmed blocks of time generally ranging from 20-40 minutes in length. These programs include art, sports, movement, music, and swimming. In addition, our camp staff provides specialized activities for your campers to participate in which may include special games, baking, cooking, nature-related activities, and more!

A typical day at camp looks like this:

  • 8 – 9:00 am: Extended Care available
  • 9 – 9:30 am: Drop-off
  • 9:45 -10:00 am: Opening Circle – this is how we start each morning, with camp songs led by our staff and music specialist
  • 10 – 11:20 am: A combination of a specialist led programs, swim, water, bathroom, snack and sunscreen break
  • 11:20 am – 12:00 pm: Lunch (Neshama and Nitzanim lunch happens 40 minutes before the rest of camp)
  • 12:00 – 12:40 pm: Lunch for 1st grade & up
  • After Lunch: More specialist led, swim and staff led programming.
  • 3:00 pm: Afternoon snack & story time
  • 3:30 – 4:00 pm: Pick-up
  • 4:00 – 6:00 pm: Extended Care available


Technology Policy

Camp is a wonderful opportunity for kids to unplug from technology and develop deep relationships and communication skills without distractions. Tech gadgets compete with the immersive experience. In addition, devices have a way of getting lost, broken, and, unfortunately, sometimes even stolen.

We ask that cell phones remain in backpacks or with our staff.  And please do not allow your child to bring electronic items to camp. This includes, but is not limited to the following: iPods, laptops, electronic games, DVD players, electronic readers, and cameras with internet-uploading capability.

Please note: On camp days after an overnight, we do show movies during lunch. If this is a concern for your family, please contact us.



If your camper will have a birthday while at Camp, please let us know so that we can celebrate them! Campers who have birthdays during camp will be presented with a birthday crown/hat and be sung “Happy Birthday” during Opening Circle. If you wish, your family may bring a treat to share with your camper’s group. We just ask that families be mindful of allergies. Popsicles are a great option!


What should campers bring each day?

  • Campers should be dressed in layers, as the mornings can be cool and the afternoons hot.  Waterproof sunscreen (it is the guardian’s responsibility to apply before camp).
  • Hat with visor for added sun protection if you wish.
  • Each camper will receive one free t-shirt per summer.
  • Sturdy shoes for running, hiking and playing (tennis shoes, hiking boots, sandals with secure straps and closed-toed.)
  • Masks (optional)


Summer Camp Updates and Photos

In the week leading up to your session, your family will receive a newsletter via email with a calendar of activities scheduled to happen that session. This newsletter will also include information about your camper’s staff.

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1. My child does not know how to swim, can they still attend? Who will be in the pool helping/ supervising my children?
Swim time is a combination of instruction and free swim and children will be placed in groups based on their swim level. No experience is necessary. All swim time will be supervised by the staff as well as JCC lifeguards.


Health and Safety

1. What resources does Camp Kehillah have in place to respond to illness at camp?
The safety of our campers and community is our top priority. All Marin JCC Camp Kehillah Staff are trained in First-Aid, CPR, and AED use. Additionally, we have access to medical support staff as needed.

2. What safety procedures do you have in place to keep our children safe?
In advance of each of our camp seasons, we reach out to our local fire department, sheriff’s office, and EMS to communicate our dates of operation and the anticipated number of participants we will have onsite to ensure they are informed of our operation and population.

We also require families to identify in writing who is authorized to pick up your camper(s) from camp. Your authorized pick-up list must include the names of parent/guardians as well. We will not release campers to persons not included on the list. In the beginning of each session, while our staff are still becoming familiar with your family, they will ask you and or anyone picking up for photo ID.

3. COVID-19
COVID -related details for the 2024 season will be finalized in the Spring.



1. Does Camp Kehillah offer transportation to and from Camp?
Not at this time. Check back in Spring 2024.

2. Does Camp Kehillah offer transportation to and from field trips and offsite overnights?
Yes, we partner with third-party transportation providers such as First Student and Michaels.


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