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The Osher Marin JCC is an architectural showcase offering one of the most popular event venues in Marin and San Rafael for elegant weddings, large parties, bat and bar mitzvahs, grad nights, quinceañeras, receptions, galas, and live performances. We’ll help you make your event a success!

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The spacious and versatile Hoytt Theater at Osher Marin JCC.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use my own caterer? 

You can select a caterer from our Preferred Vendor List, or you can use your own. We do require the Caterer to be licensed and insured.

2. Can you customize a floor plan for me?

We provide a selection of event floorplans. Renters are welcome to develop their own custom floorplan, however, custom floor plans are subject to approval. All floorplans must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to their event.

3. Are there any food restrictions?

We ask that you please adhere to our kosher-style menu requirement and not use any pork or shellfish in your menu, or combine meat and dairy in the same course. The OMJCC is happy to answer any questions you may have about the OMJCC’s kosher-style menu policy.

4. Can I bring my own alcohol?

Yes. A one-day liquor license is required if alcohol is going to be sold or auctioned at the event.

5. Does the JCC provide linens, dishes, or cooking equipment?

No, we do not provide linens, dishes, or any other catering supplies.

6. What does the rental fee include?

The rental fee includes the use of the quoted room(s), any equipment/additional fees (see equipment/additional fees list), JCC table & /chairs; the set up/breakdown of JCC tables & chairs; one or more Event Staff on-site as a facility-related contact. Additionally, the JCC may require security personnel on-site which will be subject to an additional cost. The JCC will notify renters of any security cost.

7. What duties do the JCC Event Staff perform during the event?

OMJCC Event Staff is your facility-related contact during your event. OMJCC Event Staff will set up, move and break down OMJCC tables & chairs; empty garbage cans; clean up any spills, and make adjustments to the A/C, lighting, or tables as needed.

8. Does the JCC provide tables and/or chairs for my event?

As noted above, included in your rental is the use of the JCC’s tables and chairs inventory. Please see the Equipment List & Additional Services list for information about what is available as part of your rental.

9. Can I bring in rented chairs and tables and does your staff set them up and break them down?

Renters MAY bring in their own rented chairs and tables, however, the JCC event staff does not set up or break down outside chairs and/or tables. Rented chairs and/or tables must be picked up when the event ends.

10. What is the maximum number I can seat for my event?

Please refer to the Facilities Rental Rates sheet for information on room capacity, both seated and standing.

11. How long can the event last?

Standard rental rates are based on an event of up to six hours, not including setup and breakdown time. You may opt to add additional hours to your event time at an hourly rate.

12. How early can I get in to begin decorating and setting up for my event?

Rooms are generally available for your set up at 8:00 am on the day of your rental. However, due to ongoing programming at the JCC, certain spaces may have access restrictions. Also, spaces can be made available in advance of the event day for an additional charge. For more information on access options, please refer to the rental rate sheet.

13. What time does the event have to end?

All events must end by 11 pm. You may add additional event hours at the beginning of the event, but all events must end, and guests must depart the JCC no later than 11 pm.

14. Can I have a rehearsal on the day prior to my event?

Depending on the programming needs of the Center (as well as other Rentals), there may be space available for use prior to your event day. Please see the rental rate sheet for more information including hourly rehearsal rental rates. Please note that no event setup services (i.e. chairs/tables, etc.) are included in these Rehearsal rental rates.

15. Does the JCC require Event Insurance?

Yes, virtually all event rentals require a Certificate of Insurance naming the JCC as an insured by your insurer.

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