Adult education
classes, travel, music,
and joyful fun await you.

From San Rafael, CA, the Osher Marin Adult Learning & Living program invites all—members, non-members, residents near or far, people of all backgrounds, faiths, ethnicities, fashion styles, chocolate preferences—to explore the arts, build a broader understanding of our world, taste a few treats together, and possibly pick up a new skill or two.

We’d love to have you. Come along!

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Up Next in Adult Learning & Living Events

Still Traveling: Captivating Cambodia – Food, Art, Crafts & Dance

Dec 05 @ 11:00 AM Dec 26 @ 12:15 PM
Still Traveling: Captivating Cambodia – Food, Art, Crafts & Dance

Zoom with us live to Cambodia for “tours” with our terrific, local guide, who shares beautiful aspects of his culture. Still Traveling Would you like to still travel? Now you can without leaving your home – just stay still! Let us whisk you away for an “armchair adventure” on an... »


Art & Anti-Semitism – An Encore!

Dec 06 @ 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Still Traveling: Captivating Cambodia – Food, Art, Crafts & Dance

Join this fascinating stroll thru paintings, sculptures & more from various periods to see how anti-Semitism has been fostered thru art. Repeated by Popular Demand! Art & Anti-Semitism Tuesday, December 6 11am-12:30pm (PT), 12-1:30pm (MT), 1-2:30pm (CT), 2-3:30pm (ET) on Zoom When talking about antisemitism, people often think about the... »


Music & Morsels: Three’s Company

Dec 07 @ 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Still Traveling: Captivating Cambodia – Food, Art, Crafts & Dance

Bring dessert/coffee or cocktail/nosh and take a front-row seat for a beautiful & interesting, live musical recital with insights and Q&A. Music & Morsels Bring a cup of coffee/tea & pastry or create a wine/cheese happy hour and take a front row seat at your computer for a live, classical... »



Adult Education Programs

Virtual Morsels & Music

Bring coffee/tea & dessert to your computer, take your front row seat, and join us for a 1-hour live concert with a special guest artist who not only performa but also offers insights into the program’s pieces. Live Q&A enriches the experience! Your ticket purchase helps support our programs and our guest artist(s) whose schedule(s) and income(s) have been severely cut by this challenging period.

Terrific Tastings

Partnering with family-owned businesses, many of which may be struggling during this challenging period, we are delighted to create our live, online, educational tasting experiences. Each month features a different specialty and a different guest who brings unique insights to the tasting. Come for the treats, stay for the fun!

Still Traveling

Would you still like to travel? You can without leaving your home. Just stay still! Let us whisk you away for an interesting, educational, and fun live, guided group tour in a destination beyond your front door!

Exploring Opera

Whether an opera newcomer or a long-time fan, join us for a single session or a full series of our popular classes. Put down your opera glasses, take your front row seat, and explore this gorgeous (if sometimes intimidating) art form. Join James Sokol who started his career under Beverly Sills at NYC Opera and worked on projects with Opera Company of Philadelphia, and then moved to work at San Francisco Opera. With years of in-theater and teaching experience, backstage anecdotes, beautiful video performance clips, and down-to-earth perspectives, Sokol creates classes that always delight.

Broadway Backstage

Let us sneak you in through the Stage Door to go backstage on Broadway! A different, special guest theater professional who brings his/her unique expertise, experiences, and insights to our discussion will be featured at each of these exclusive, behind-the-scenes visits. Live Q&A and photos/video clips (when available) will enrich our experience. Your ticket purchase helps support this program and our special guests–theater professionals—-who are mostly or completely out of work.

Opera Behind the Scenes

Let former opera professional and instructor James Sokol pull back the curtain and take you on exclusive, behind-the-scenes visits to the opera. Meet a different special guest opera professional who brings his/her unique expertise, experiences and insights to our discussion. Live Q&A and video clips highlight our visit. Your ticket purchase helps support our programs and our guests. Come learn off stage what makes the magic happen on stage!

Exploring Broadway

Revel in James Sokol’s journey through musical theater treasures, peppered with audio and video performance clips which bring the delight of Broadway into the discussion.

Songs & Stories

Join songstress & storyteller Gilda Solve for a fun, live program filled with great music and interesting insights. She’s an international vocalist, recording artist, and musician, and she’ll sing to you live from France!

Cultural Arts Trips

Let us whisk you away on exciting trips filled with fun, interesting, and delicious experiences which–depending on the destination–may include private, guided walking tours & museum visits, exciting performances, sumptuous meals, and much more!

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