Swimming lessons
for kids and adults
at Osher Marin JCC

At the JCC, we offer baby swim lessons, adult swimming lessons, and group and private swimming lessons. In fact, swimming lessons can be taken at any age, but they are best when taught early on so the swimmer can have a life of enjoyment, exercise, and safety around water. 

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Swim lessons provide essential lifelong skills, safety, and enjoyment.

Questions? Call the swim hotline at 415.444.8005 or email swimlessons@marinjcc.org.

We look forward to swimming with you!

The Osher Marin JCC Swim School

Friday Funday
Aqua Babies
  • Ages 6 months – 3 years
  • Parent Child Classes
  • Parents and children explore the pool together, while they sing songs, engage in beginning swim activities, and play with toys at a variety of play stations all under the guidance of a JCC trained swim instructor.
  • Drop-in available. Member: $25  / Public $35
  • Water Play
  • Ratio 8:1
  • Ages 6 months – 2 years
  • Parent Child Classes
  • Parents and their babies are introduced to the water through songs and play, enhancing their mental and physical development. Designed to be a positive and safe water experience while practicing introductory water skills.
  • Water Exploration
  • Ratio 8:1
  • Ages 2 – 4 years
  • Parent Child Classes
  • Parents and their toddlers are introduced to basic swim skills in a slightly more structured program.
  • Skills: Bubbles, floating both front and back, and kicking.
First Fins
Water Introduction
  • Minimum Age: 3 years
  • Ratio 4:1
  • Prerequisite: Child can participate in class without additional adult assistance.
  • Goal: Breath control, safety rules, buoyancy, and beginning locomotion on front and back with assistance.
Level 1
Primary Skills
  • Minimum Age: 3½ years
  • Ratio 4:1
  • Prerequisite: First Fins skills and limited independence in water.
  • Goal: Breath control, safety rules, begin to float and explore swimming unsupported on front and back.
Level 2
Stroke Readiness
  • Minimum Age: 3½ years
  • Ratio 5:1
  • Prerequisite: Level 1 skills and beginning independence in the water.
  • Goal: Improve coordination of leg and arm actions on front and back, float unassisted on back, water safety, and breath control.
Level 3
Stroke Development
  • Minimum Age: 4 years
  • Ratio 6:1
  • Prerequisite: Level 2 skills and independence in the water.
  • Goal: Learn front crawl, rotary breathing, elementary backstroke, dolphin and scissors kick, safety skills, and water entry.
Level 4
Stroke Improvement
  • Minimum Age: 5 years
  • Ratio 6:1
  • Prerequisite: Level 3 skills and swim unassisted 15 yards.
  • Goal: Front and back crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, sidestroke, elementary backstroke, tread water, water entry, and personal water safety.
Level 5
  • Ages: 5+ years
  • Ratio 6:1
  • Prerequisite: Level 4
  • Goal: Improve all strokes, learn butterfly and sidestroke. Learn all forms of diving, open turns, and circle swim. 50 yards freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. 25 yards sidestroke, and butterfly.
  • Ages: 5+ years
  • Ratio 6:1
  • Prerequisite: Able to swim 25 yards freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke.
  • Goal: Fundamentals of swimming in a team environment including circle swim. Focus on competitive swimming while developing and refining open turns, dives, and conditioning.
Learn to Swim
  • Ages: 18+ years
  • Ratio 6:1
  • Class Focus: Basic swim skills are introduced, developed, and improved. This class will work on endurance and becoming comfortable in the shallow and deep water.
Customized Private
and Semi-Private Lessons
  • Enjoy the flexibility of choosing a schedule that fits your lifestyle! The entire focus is on developing your child’s skill level.
  • Also, take advantage of forming your own private group with friends or family members of the same age and ability level.
  • Click this link and complete the form to assist our staff with your swimming lesson inquiries.

Osher Marin JCC swim lessons are fun and safe!

Swim Lessons - Options and Packages

Semi-private and private-lesson packages are available.

Our experienced aquatics instructors will work with you one-on-one to achieve great results! Lesson participants must be at least 2.5 years old. Book early as lessons fill up fast! 48-hour notification required to reschedule (no refunds). Unused lessons expire one year from the purchase date.

For semi-private or private swim lessons, call 415.444.8005
or email: swimlessons@marinjcc.org

Member Price
Member Price
Non-Member Price
Non-Member Price
30-min. Private Lesson
One lesson
Member Price
Non-Member Price
30-min. Private Lesson
Five lessons
Member Price
Non-Member Price
30-min. Private Lesson
Ten lessons
Member Price
Non-Member Price
30-min. Semi-Private Lesson
2 per group
Five lessons
Member Price
$158 per student
Non-Member Price
$203 per student
30-min. Private Group Lesson
3-4 per group
Five lessons
Member Price
$135 per student
Non-Member Price
$185 per student
30-min. Semi-Private Lesson
2 per group
Ten lessons
Member Price
$280 per student
Non-Member Price
$360 per student

Pool Policies

Ensuring a safe and enjoyable time for all

General Pool Policies
  • Lifeguards have complete and final authority on usage and rule enforcement.
  • Swimsuits are required when using our pools, spa, steam room, and sauna
  • Children may play freely during “Open” and “Family” swim times.
  • Exercise equipment, including noodles, barbells, weights, inner tubes, and belts, are
    available for adult use only.
  • Children may use kickboards at the discretion of the lifeguards, and are encouraged
    to use our Coast Guard Approved life vests. No other flotation devices are allowed.
  • No glass or food on pool decks—only lawn areas.
  • All young children who aren’t toilet trained MUST wear swim diapers and plastic
    swim pants while using our pools. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in pool closure.
    For your convenience, you may purchase swim pants and diapers at the H&F desk.
Pool Policies for Kids
  • Kids ages 13 and older – May use the pools without a parent or guardian.
  • Kids ages 10-12 – May use the pool on their own if they pass a swim test. Their parent must
    remain in the facility.
  • Kids ages 8-9 – May use the pool if they pass our swim test. The parent must remain in view.
  • Kids ages 5-7 – Must have a parent in the pool with them regardless of their swimming ability.
  • Kids ages 4-13 – Must be supervised in the spa by a parent at all times.
  • Kids ages 4 and under – Must remain within arm’s length of their parent while in the pool.
  • Kids ages 3 and under – May not use the spa.


Download the Swim Lessons Policy and Waiver PDF to complete, sign, and return to the Aquatics Department prior to the start of swim lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

for swim lessons

1. How do I know what level to register my child?

Choose the level that you feel most fits your child’s skill level. You are also welcome to give us a call and we can ask you questions pertaining to each level to aid you in the process of choosing. You may also bring your child in for an assessment at a time that fits both parties.

2. I guessed the level I think is appropriate for my child, but what happens if I was wrong? Or… I signed my child up for multiple sessions throughout the summer; what if my child progresses more quickly or slowly than I anticipated?

We make every effort to evaluate your child on the first day of class and move him/ her up or down as needed. If there is no space at that time to move them to the appropriate level we will work with you to either move to a different time or day, or we will offer a credit if accommodations cannot be made.

3. Should I sign my child up for private swim lessons? 

This depends on your child. Private swim lessons are great for young children overcoming fear of the water who may not be ready for a group lesson, or more advanced swimmers who would like to work on technique, swimmers who are older or younger than the recommended age range of the group lesson, or anyone who thrives in a one-on-one learning environment.

4. What do I need to bring to swim lessons? 

Please ensure your child is wearing a well-fitting, comfortable swimsuit and goggles. Don’t forget a towel or robe and some flip-flops for before and after the lesson. Swimmers with long hair should tie their hair back or wear a swim cap. A snack 30 or more minutes before class is also recommended.

5. What do I do if I loved my child’s swim lesson instructor and would like to have him or her again?

Please sign up for another session. If the instructor is teaching that session and is available at the time of your lesson we will try to accommodate your request. Please note, we cannot guarantee you will be placed with the instructor of your choice. Remember, all of our instructors are great. Different teaching styles can sometimes help swimmers improve.

6. What if my child cries or is afraid? 

Overcoming fear is part of swim lessons. Our swim instruction staff and pool managers are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and very kid-friendly. If you need help encouraging your child into the pool ask our staff for assistance. Instructors will encourage your child to join the class in a manner that’s responsive to his/her needs. Sometimes tears can have their root not in fear but in separation anxiety. This is part of the learning process as well. If you feel your child may be experiencing separation anxiety rather than fear of the water it is best to keep your distance during the lesson. Removing yourself from the child’s sight during the lesson may be required in certain situations. In such cases, the child will usually calm down when the parent is out of view and be able to focus and rely on the teacher for instruction and help.

7. What if my child is sick? 

If your child has a fever or stomach or digestion problems please keep him/her home. Do not bring your sick child to a lesson.

8. Do you offer make-ups or credits for missed classes? 

We do not offer refunds, credits, or make-ups for missed classes. If your child is unable to attend, we look forward to seeing your child at his/her next scheduled lesson. Consistency is important. Please do your best to regularly bring your child to swim lessons. If we need to cancel a class we will offer credits as appropriate.

9. What should my child wear? 

We recommend a full swimsuit and goggles. Swim caps are great for children with long hair.

10. How are lessons scheduled? 

Normally swim lessons are either scheduled online or through our swim office.

11. Cancellation policy for Private Swim Lessons? 

For private swim lessons, there is a 48-hour cancellation policy to reschedule the swim credit. Please email: if you need to cancel a private lesson: swimlessons@marinjcc.org.

Jane Balin

I have worked at the JCC as an American Red Cross certified swim instructor for 5 years. I am also a certified lifeguard at the JCC.

During my years as a swim instructor, I have taught swimming to our youngest swimmers and their parents along with our teenage and adult members, including those with special needs. As of late, I have focused on our youngest swimmers in our Splash, Advanced Splash, First Fins, and Level One classes.

My teaching philosophy in all my classes is to provide education on water safety, swim strokes when appropriate, and how to feel comfortable and have fun in the water. I follow the lead of my youngest to oldest students in terms of what they want and need to learn. I find it deeply rewarding to see my students progress in their water skills.

My hobbies include swimming, biking, running, hiking, and birding. I also love to garden, travel, and walk my dog.

Bryce Beam

I am an American Red Cross Certified swim instructor at the JCC I have been apart of the aquatics team coaching splash, advanced splash, first fins, lv1 and up as well as instructing adult classes.

Swimming in the vast lakes in the Sierra Nevadas growing up as well as learning in my family’s lap pool, has brought a deep rooted love into my life. Swimming taught me self discipline, endurance, and brings serenity into my life. I am a competitive swimmer having 4 years experience on a club swim masters team (Sanger Seals) in the Central Valley and being on Varsity swim during my high school years. My 7 years of experience lead me to sharing my love of swimming and coaching to ensure water safety by teaching basic swim skills to teaching comprehensive swim mechanics while building on skills. I bring an engaging, exciting, safe environment to help students learn bringing a positive attitude along for a fun experience for all age groups.

My hobbies include surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, hiking, photography/modeling, traveling, and cooking at home.

Hiroe Bell

With over 25 years of experience as a swimming instructor, I've made significant contributions to the world of aquatic education. As the 1999 Japanese Masters butterfly champion and a member of Japan's Junior Olympic development program, my foundation in swimming was solidified under the mentorship of Olympic coach Blair McMillan from New Zealand.

During my tenure in Japan, spanning a decade, I instructed students of all ages, from toddlers to adults, with class sizes ranging from one-on-one sessions to entire swim teams. I hold certifications as a Water Safety Instructor by the American Red Cross and a U.S. Masters Swimming Certified Coach.

Currently training for US Masters competitions, I bring a competitive edge to my coaching. My daughters, who excelled in swimming, winning at Junior Olympics and qualifying for Junior Nationals and State finals. Over the years, I've coached numerous swimmers who have seamlessly transitioned to USA Swimming level clubs.

My teaching philosophy revolves around skill development, safety, and fostering a genuine passion for swimming, catering to beginners and competitive swimmers alike.

Cheryll Boissevain

I have been teaching swim lessons to students of all ages and abilities for over five decades in Marin County in the capacity as a swim instructor on an ongoing basis, as a former assistant swim coach for Marin County swim league teams and as a former aquatic program manager for the Osher Marin Jewish Community Center.

I am a certified American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor and Trainer. I am passionate about teaching swimming and it is very rewarding to witness my student’s achievements throughout their lessons as they become confident in the water and discover the joy of swimming. Skills taught are geared towards the client’s needs developmentally and are taught in a progressive manner. I encourage each student to participate in setting goals of what they wish to accomplish and to have a positive attitude during their learning process.

Water adjustment and relaxation skills are the foundation in the early stages of swimming. As the student becomes more confident, new skills are introduced throughout the series of lessons.

Swimming is a lifelong and a lifesaving skill with the rewards of being healthier and the ability to enjoy all sorts of water recreational activities.

Rebecca Callaway

-Swim instructor
-Teaches all ages
-Teaches children and adults
-Teaches Group & Private Swim lessons

Rebecca has been swimming all of her life. Her favorite stroke to swim is the breaststroke and her favorite stroke to teach her students is the backstroke. She is CPR certified and has been teaching for over 40 years.

Some of her hobbies include cooking, gardening, knitting, crocheting and sewing. She has one dog she loves very much and 6 grandchildren.

Sarah Conway

-Swim Instructor
-Teaches Group and Private Lessons
-Teaches all ages

Sarah has been swimming competitively since the 1st grade and swam for 12 years. She loves the water and water sports, including swimming, wakeboarding, and visiting the beach. Her favorite stroke is backstroke. Sarah’s teaching philosophy centers around gaining students trust so she can help them improve. She is patient with everyone and works to make swimming lessons fun and engaging. She loves kids and has spent over 5 years working with them, from babysitting to being a camp counselor. She is CPR and First Aid certified and has worked at the JCC for about 2 years. Some of her hobbies include reading, listening to music, hiking, and traveling.

Ronnie Feldman

-Teach young children (3-9 years)
-Teach Private Swim Lessons

Ronnie has been swimming since the age of four. She swam competitively from six to eighteen years of age. Her favorite strokes are freestyle and IM or individual medley. She has been teaching at the Osher Marin JCCsince the summer of 2021. Previously, she taught private swimming lessons in high school and college. She enjoys seeing children build confidence in the water and develop skills to swim and become water safe. Some of her hobbies include yoga, cooking, hiking, reading and knitting.

Sandy Huser

I have been teaching group and private lessons for the JCC since September of 2022 and absolutely love it!

I have a large client base and many repeat customers! I specialize in private lessons (level 1-pre swim team).

I have been a competitive swimmer from age 5 and swam at the collegiate level at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

My other jobs include a real estate appraiser and office assistant at Good Shepherd School. With the little free time I have I enjoy playing tennis and pickleball.

I live in Bel Marin Keys on the water and have an 18 and 19 year old at college away from home.

I love working with children and watching their swimming skills improve in front of my eyes!

Jackson Keeley

Swim Instructor, Lifeguard Coordinator, Lifeguard/CPR Instructor

Teaches Children and Adults with Special Needs

Teaches Group Lessons, Private Swim lessons, and Lifeguard/CPR/First Aid classes

Jackson has been swimming since he was four years old. He has been competing in swimming since he was six years old and continued until he was eighteen. Among all the strokes, his favorite to both swim and teach is the Butterfly stroke. Jackson is CPR-certified and has been working with the JCC as a swimming instructor for over seven years. He loves working with children and adults who are just starting out or preparing for competitive swimming. Apart from swimming, some of his hobbies include playing the guitar, biking, and kayaking.

Matheus Lonning

-Swim Instructor
-Teaches ages 3-12
-Teaches group and private lessons

Matheus has been swimming from a young age. His preferred styles are breaststroke and side stroke. He loves to teach and watch his students grow whilst also learning from them. He has recently joined the JCC team and is eager to help everyone get better and fall in love with the sport. Matheus is a specialist in water confidence and water survival. Some of his hobbies include working out and watching sports. Matheus loves to spend time with friends and meet new people.

Scarlett Maguire

I have been swimming competitively since age 3 up until age 17. Her favorite strokes to teach are freestyle and backstroke, while her personal favorite is breaststroke. Scarlett is WSI certified and has been teaching at the JCC for almost one year. Scarlett loves to teach people of all ages and abilities, as well as all levels ranging from learning to swim for the first time, to preparing to compete and perfecting technique. Apart from swimming, Scarlett enjoys skiing, cooking, and photography!

Christine Milburn

-Swim instructor
Aquatics Coordinator
Red Cross Instructor
-Teaches all ages
-Teaches children and adults with specials needs
-Teaches Group & Private Swim lessons

Christine has been swimming since she was 5 years old. She swam competitively for 10 years. Her favorite stroke to swim is the breaststroke and her favorite stroke to teach her students is the backstroke. She is CPR certified and has been teaching with the JCC for over 12 years. She is excited to introduce her students to competitive swimming and teach them about water safety.

Some of her hobbies include reading, cooking/baking, golfing and hiking. She has two dogs and one cat 🙂

Pablo Molina

Born on June 30th, 1942. He worked as a lifeguard, swimming instructor, pool manager, water aerobics instructor, WSI Instructor, Assistant Aquatic Supervisor, and Principal Recreation Supervisor for 34 years with S.F. Rec. & Park. He started teaching at JCC in November 2004. His favorite strokes are backstroke, sidestroke, and catch-up (freestyle). He has participated in several sports, including abalone diving, scuba diving, running (5 SF marathons), gymnastics, boxing, judo, snow skiing, open water swimming, cycling, and springboard diving. His hobbies include collecting pre-60s cameras and equipment, Leicas, stamps, sheet music, and coins. He also enjoys classical and 50s-60s rock'n'roll music and playing the piano. When teaching, Pablo takes the time to determine the student's skill level and identify their fears and anxieties. He addresses them with care and patience and ensures not to rush into the next step until the student properly demonstrates the present skill. He encourages head and body-roll when teaching backstroke and catch-up or freestyle and reminds his students that they swim with their "body" and that their arms and legs just go along for the ride.

Kendall Nielsen

- Swim Instructor
- Teaches all ages
- Teaches Group and Private Lessons

Kendall has grown up swimming competitively since the age of 4 to 18. She has helped coach a swim team for three summers and swim instructed for 6 years. She enjoys teaching stroke technique and incorporating water safety in each lesson. She is CPR certified and has been teaching at the JCC for one year now. In her free time she loves going on trail runs, cooking, and gardening.

Jill Pierce

- Teaches all ages
- Teaches group and private swim lessons

Jill was a diver growing up, and started swimming for exercise and fun in college. It was such good exercise and so much fun that she hasn’t stopped since.

Jill is also a music teacher. She teaches K-5 music at Live Oak School in San Francisco. She also plays music regularly at the Larkspur Farmer’s Market, and at the Monk's Kettle in Terra Linda.

Erika Simo

- Swim Instructor with American Red Cross Certification
- Teaches all ages
- Teaches one-on-one private lessons

I learned my first strokes at the age of 4, and as an adolescent, I was lucky enough to train under two world champions. Their invaluable lessons have shaped my philosophy: as an instructor, I am keen on teaching the best techniques to every swimmer from the onset, from nervous beginners to confident veterans. At the JCC, where I have taught numerous students over the past five years, I tailor each lesson to suit the individual’s needs, from overcoming fear to acing a move, while keeping an emphasis on safety. I am thrilled each time I see a swimmer fearlessly glide, master a stroke with ease, or get to the next level of fun and proficiency.

When I am not in the pool, you will find me lost in the world of writing, watching arts and movies, or shaking things up with a little dance, yoga, and great chats with interesting folks. And of course, there are the energizing strolls through the Marin hills with our cuddly 120-pound dog.

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