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 June 2021
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June 1  Tuesday 11am 

Songs of the LGBTQ+:
A Multi-Genre Celebration of Pride Month

Celebrate Pride Month with songs written by or supportive of those in this multi-faceted community.

$5 – $12.50
Click here
June 2 Wednesday 1pm  Music & Morsels:
"Gran Tour d'Italia"

Join this live, classical piano recital & insights with Ian Scarfe.

$10 - $15 Click here 
June 6  Sunday   2pm

Terrific Tastings:
Tropical Tastes, Tropical Pastes

A guided tasting & discussion of specialties perfect for any cheese board and creative cook.

Must be ordered by Sun, May 16th!

$15 – $85
Click here

June 7, 14, 21, 28

Four Mondays


Still Traveling:
Neglected Napoli

Join our terrific local guide to discover this fascinating city.

$15 – $50 Click here
June 13 Sunday   1pm  Terrific Tastings:
Tropical Shortbreads

A guided tasting & discussion of these delicious, tropical treats!

Order by Sun, May 23!

$15 – $42 Click here
 June 16 Wednesday  1pm 

Songs & Stories:
That’s Italian!

Join in Gilda Solve’s live program of favorite Italian & Italian-American songs! $12.50 – $15 Click here
June 17  Thursday 1pm 

Exploring Broadway: Tuneful "Italia!"

Investigate shows set in and characters from Italy that appear in musical theater.

$12.50 – $15 Click here
June 21   Monday 2pm 

Songs of Summer:
A Multi-Genre Musical Celebration of the Season

Celebrate the official arrival of summer with songs of the season.

$5 – $12.50
Click here

June 24  Thursday 1pm 
Exploring Opera:
Notable Napoli

Learn about the historic Teatro di San Carlo and some of the operas that premiered there.

$12.50 – $15 Click here 
 July 2021
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July 1  Thursday   1pm 

Songs of the USA:
A Multi-Genre Musical Celebration of our Country

Join James Sokol for a fun, interesting journey through diverse genres of music – Broadway, pop, country & more! – exploring the theme of the USA along the way.

 $5 – $12.50
Click here
July 5-26 Four Mondays 11am

Still Traveling: 
More Bewitching Broadway

Don’t miss these new “tours” with our adored, dynamic guide, who shares interesting stories & rarely seen photographs to see Broadway's past and present.

$15 – $50 Click here 
July 7  Wednesday  1pm  Music & Morsels: Americana 

Join pianist & historian Ian Scarfe for a live, classical piano concert celebrating American classics with music by Gershwin, Barber, Price & Still. 

$10 – $15  Click here 
 July 8 Thursday  1pm 

Exploring Broadway: Songs of Itself 

Celebrate this American art form with James Sokol’s fun, musical journey through video & audio clips some of Broadway’s self-referential songs. 

$12.50 – $15 Click here 
July 11   

2pm  Terrific Tastings:
Rustic Artisan Crisps

Order by Sun, Jun 27!

Let us deliver to your doorstep a curated, discounted collection crisps, then, join a fun & interesting discussion and a guided tasting of these tasty treats!

$15 – $38  Click here 
July 15  Thursday  1pm  Exploring Opera:
Alluring America

Celebrate our country with James Sokol’s journey through some of the operas set in locations from Boston to California, from New York to New Orleans. 

$12.50 – $15  Click here 
July 21  Wednesday   1pm Songs & Stories:
A Tribute of George M. Cohan

Join cabaret singer Gilda Solve for an all-out American tribute by revisiting the great music of George M. Cohan. 

$12.50 – $15   Click here
July 22  Thursday  1pm  Exploring Broadway: Friends & Friendship 

Prepare for Friendship Day with James Sokol’s journey through delightful Broadway songs of friendship. 

$12.50 – $15  Click here 
July 29  Thursday  1pm  Songs of Friends:
A Multi-Genre Musical Celebration of Friendship Day

Join James Sokol’s journey through a diverse array of songs of friendship from the realms of classical, Broadway, pop & more music. 

$5 – $12.50  Click here 


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