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New Policies & Procedures for Health & Fitness
Updated October 8, 2020

General Membership Information

    Is the JCC open? Get the answer

The JCC is following the California State Blueprint and the Marin County Health Officer’s guidelines regarding services and programs. As of late September, the JCC is offering over twenty online live group fitness classes each week, outdoor lap swimming, tot pool access, outdoor fitness stations and effective October 1st, indoor fitness. All Health & Fitness programs are available to facility members only at this time, and all require a reservation (except for the online fitness classes).  

    Has my membership been reactivated or is my membership still on “freeze”? Get the answer


With the opening of indoor fitness facilities on October 1, all JCC memberships are being reactivated UNLESS you have sent an email to freeze_my_membership@marinjcc.org. If you are not ready to come back to the Center, we are happy to maintain your membership on freeze status, but you do need to let us know that this is your preference.

If you have not notified us of your request to remain on freeze status, your membership will start October and you will be drafted October 16th.


    May I convert my couples or family membership to a single? Get the answer


Of course! We are happy to accommodate changes to your membership type. As was true before, we ask that you notify us before the month begins in order for the membership type change to be effective for the following month.


Access, Health and Safety

    Where do I enter the Center? Get the answer


Currently, the entrance to the JCC is through the Outdoor Pool Gate located behind the preschool. Parking is available in the Annex Parking lot (adjacent to the upper preschool lot), the preschool lot, and of course, the main parking lot. Any members who need to utilize a wheelchair or walker to access the Center will be provided access through the front door of the Center so that they can utilize the elevators to the 3rd floor. Please email reservations@marinjcc.org by 5:00 p.m. the night before your reservation and let us know what time you will be coming and we will have someone at the front door to let you in.


    Will I be required to wear a mask when I’m exercising inside the JCC? Get the answer


Yes! Masks that cover the mouth and nose are required at all times from when members exit their cars in the parking lot and when inside the building. Members who choose to utilize our outdoor lap pool may remove their masks once they have entered the lane. And members using our outdoor fitness stations may remove their masks while they are on their station and exercising. If you observe a member inside the Center, or anywhere on campus other than in the pool or on an outdoor fitness platform/station or Elliptical station who is not wearing a mask that covers their mouth and nose, please notify a staff member immediately. Together, we can keep each other safe!


    Will everyone be required to maintain six feet of distance from others? Get the answer


Yes! Any member who fails to maintain a minimum of six feet of distance from other members or from staff will be provided one courtesy reminder by staff and then asked to leave. If you observe a member who you believe is not maintaining six feet of distance, please notify a staff member immediately. Together, we can keep each other safe!


    Will the fitness machines and weights be disinfected after use? Get the answer


We are asking every member to wipe down equipment before and after use, and have tripled the number of GymWipe dispensers in the fitness area to make this convenient and easy to do. In addition, JCC staff will be disinfecting equipment between each reservation group and the entire fitness area will be disinfected nightly after the Center closes utilizing electrostatic spray technology.


    Is it safe to exercise indoors at the JCC? Get the answer


The JCC has closely studied the guidelines from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), the CDC, Marin County’s Public Health Officer, and others to ensure compliance with all recommendations designed to create as safe of an environment as possible. Specific steps taken have included rebalancing our HVAC system to maximize air change rates, upgrading our air filters to MERV-13, increased the frequency of our disinfecting of equipment and frequently touched surfaces, increased the number of GymWipe and Hand Sanitizer stations throughout the Fitness Area available for member use, and moved cardio equipment into the Gym to facilitate greater distancing while exercising. In each of these areas we have sought to AT LEAST meet and, in most cases exceed the recommendations by health experts.


    How many members will be inside the Center at one time? Get the answer


The California State Blueprint guidelines for the Red Tier (Marin County’s current status) stipulate that no more than 10% of the capacity allowed by the California Building Code can occupy the space. We have applied the most conservative possible interpretation of this to limit our initial reopening to 19 member reservations per hour although we would technically be able to accommodate more than that number based on the square footage of our Health & Fitness Center. We are relying on members to practice safe social distancing once inside the Center and maintain at least six feet of distance from other members and staff.


Programs, Services, and Equipment

    Will there still be outdoor fitness stations if I prefer to exercise outside? Get the answer


Yes! We are maintaining the outdoor fitness stations for members use for the foreseeable future.


    Will there be cardio equipment available inside the Center for me to use? Get the answer


Yes. We have moved Cardio equipment into the gym where the equipment with spacing that significantly exceeds the State Guidelines. Please note that “Cardio Theater” (Direct TV) is NOT available on the cardio equipment in the Gym. WiFi is available if you would like to bring an iPad or other device to access the internet. Cardio equipment will also be available in the main fitness floor, with plenty of spacing between machines in use.


    What about Group Exercise classes? How do I participate in the JCC’s live online fitness classes? Get the answer


We are continuing to offer over twenty live group exercise classes online each week with many of your favorite, longtime JCC instructors. Each month, members who have reactivated their memberships will receive the Zoom password for that month’s classes. If you are not receiving the password email, first check to be sure you have reactivated your membership. If you have reactivated and are paying your membership dues, and have are not receiving the password email, please contact us at membership@marinjcc.org so that we can get you set up!


    When will Group Exercise classes return to the JCC that I can take AT the JCC? Get the answer


We look forward to offering small group exercise classes at the JCC soon but are not able to do so at this time. Please be patient and watch for email announcements of additional programs and services.


    What’s available inside the Center for members to use? Get the answer


All of our third floor fitness equipment is available for members with an Indoor Fitness reservation to use starting October 1st. This includes cardio equipment, free weights, and all of the strength training machines and equipment. The indoor pool (and jacuzzi), sauna, steam room, and locker rooms and Kidcare remain closed. Towel service also remains unavailable. Please come to the Center in your workout clothes and don’t forget a towel!


    Are the Indoor Pool, sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi open yet? Get the answer


Unfortunately, no. The California Blueprint limits the operation of indoor pools and certain other types of facilities in the Red Tier, which is where Marin County currently is assigned. Please monitor your email and the website for announcement about opening of additional facilities.


    Are the locker rooms and showers open? Get the answer


The locker rooms and showers remain closed to use at this time. Please watch for email updates regarding the resumption of locker room and shower use.


    Are restrooms available for use? Get the answer


The two outdoor restrooms off the outdoor pool deck along with two ADA-accessible restrooms located inside the Center in the hallway from the Fitness Floor to the Indoor Pool are available for member use at this time.


    Are towels being provided? Get the answer


Towel service will not be available initially and members will need to bring their own towels. We hope to be able to reintroduce towel service soon!


Reservation System

    Do I need a reservation to use the Center? Get the answer


For now, in order to comply with the limits on users dictated by the state requirements, reservations are required for ALL of the fitness programs located ON the campus. (Our online, live group fitness classes do not require reservation).


    What should I do if I make a reservation but can’t come to the Center at the time of my reservation? Get the answer


In order to ensure that other members have access to the Center, we ask that in the event you are not going to be able to utilize a reservation time you be sure to cancel the reservation by logging back into your Online Edge account, selecting the reservation and canceling it. We understand that things come up, but missing more than one reservation without cancellation in advance will incur a non-cancellation charge to your account.


    How do reservations work? Get the answer


All programs except for the online fitness classes require reserving a specific day and time. Please keep in mind that reservations are on a first come, first serve basis. In order to ensure as much access to as many members as possible during this time when we have to limit the number of people at the Center, each member is limited to one reservation per day, and three active reservations on the calendar for each area. This means you can have (up to) three active future reservations for lap swimming, three active future reservations for outdoor fitness, and three active future reservations for indoor fitness concurrently. And remember, as soon as you use a reservation slot, you can book another and can do so up to 14 days in advance!


    I reactivated my membership. How do I reserve a fitness time using the JCC’s online reservation system? Get the answer


See this page (link to online reservation system documentation) for a complete guide to using Online Edge, the JCC’s online reservation system.


    How long can I reserve time in the pool, at the outdoor fitness stations, or indoors fitness? Get the answer


Currently, reservations for indoor fitness are 60 minutes long, reservations for outdoor fitness are 60 minutes long, reservations for lap swimming are 50 minutes long, and reservations for the Tot pool are 45 minutes. These are subject to change.