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JCC Summer Camp 2021

Camp Kehillah - The Details
Home of the Happy Camper for K - 10th Grades   •  200 N. San Pedro Road, San Rafael, CA

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Sessions Prices

Session 1:  June 14 - July 2
Session 2:  July 5 - July 23
Session 3:  
July 26 - Aug 13

Each session is for three weeks.

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Osher Marin JCC Members
$1206 per session

General Public 
$1341 per session


To ensure the ongoing health of all campers, groups are assigned and remain consistent throughout each session. 
Each group will have no more than 14 campers and will maintain a 2:14 ratio (two counselors per group). Each group will maintain the same classroom space and the same counselors.

Group assignments are based on the camper's grade entering Fall 2021.

Grade Group Name Which means what?
TK - K


Little Buds in Hebrew

1st - 2nd


First letter of Hebrew alphabet

3rd - 4th


Second letter of Hebrew alphabet

5th - 6th


Spirit in Hebrew

7th - 8th


To go up in Hebrew

9th - 10th


Counselor in Training



Serena G.

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Frequently Asked Questions as of February 1, 2021.
Answers will be updated as new information becomes available.



How will you maintain social distancing?
  • Marin JCC Camp Kehillah will make every effort to maintain social distancing between campers and will be working with campers to learn and teach about personal space and boundaries. We will limit intermingling between the camp groups to emphasize social distancing and minimize the number of people your children are exposed to.
Will masks be required for all campers and counselors? 
  • Marin JCC Camp Kehillah will follow the recommendation of the Marin County Department of Public Health and the California statewide mask mandate which at this point requires all people entering the OMJCC to wear a face covering.
What protective gear should parents wear? 
  • While parents and caretakers are not allowed in the building, we do ask that you wear a mask while in the car or walking up to drop off and pick up.
How do the guidelines affect specific activities and play?  Also, will the play structure be open?  
  • At this time campers will be assigned to a stable group, limiting intermingling with other groups. Groups will be assigned usage of communal play areas on a rotating basis. All high contact areas will be disinfected during usage by outdoor equipment will be disinfected after usage.
What happens if a child or parent of a child is diagnosed with a confirmed case of COVID-19?
  • If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 at the OMJCC, leadership staff will follow the guidance from the Marin County Health Department that includes protocols for closing, investigating, cleaning, and reopening.
If a camper or counselor becomes sick, what is the plan of action and will camp be cancelled?
  • The OMJCC will implement health screening protocols before anyone can enter the building. If there is a suspected case or exposure of COVID-19 on site, the OMJCC has a comprehensive isolation protocol. At that time, the OMJCC will consult with public health for next steps.
What kind of cleaning will be implemented? 
  • The OMJCC housekeeping and facility staff will perform ongoing manual disinfection of public areas and offices throughout the day. Daily cleaning of high contact surface areas will follow a strict cleaning schedule based on room usage. OMJCC staff will perform routine cleaning each night after staff and community members have left the building.
What type of training will staff receive? 
  • All Camp staff will do a virtual training of all new policies and procedures. This training must be completed before they can come in to the JCC.
What if my child falls into a vulnerable population? 
  • Please contact us to help us understand how they are vulnerable, so we can talk it through with you. Ultimately though you will have to guage your own comfort.
How many campers will be in each age group?
  • Each group will have no more than 14 campers, maintaining a 2:14 ratio. There will be two counselors per group. Each group will maintain the same classroom space and the same counselors.
Can we pick a friend for our camper to be with in a group?
  • Having friends at camp depends entirely on the registration. We will do our best to accommodate, but we cannot guarantee anything.
Will there be transportation to/from camp?
  • At this point we cannot offer transportation for summer camp. Campers will need to be picked up and dropped off at the OMJCC.
Will campers be sharing supplies?
  • At this time campers will be assigned to a stable group, limiting intermingling with other groups. Supply sharing will be limited to each stable group and we will follow the guidance from the Marin County Department of Public Health.
Will they get lunch and snacks? 
  • As of right now, each child will be required to bring their own lunch and snacks. Please make sure the food you pack will be ok at room temperature as we will not have refrigeration available for camper food.

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