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 Join us for fun, educational, engaging, social, and sometimes delicious activities. Now with our growing virtual programming, it's easy! Center members, non-members, residents near or far, people of all backgrounds, faiths, ethnicities, fashion styles, chocolate preferences—all are welcome!  Come along and we'll explore the arts, build a broader understanding of our world, taste a few treats together, and possibly pick up a new skill or two. We'd love to have you.


Upcoming Programs For October
Date Day Time Event Name Description Cost For Tickets & Registration
Oct 1-22 Thursday 1pm Exploring Opera: 
Aria Ready? 
(4-part Series)

Join James Sokol & vocal coach Ron Valentino for a unique journey through opera history via the exploration of arias.

$65  Click here 
Oct 1 Thursday  1pm 

Exploring Opera:
Aria Ready? – The Baroque & Classical Periods

Join James Sokol & vocal coach Ron Valentino for a unique journey of opera history via the exploration of arias by Monteverdi, Handel & Mozart.

$20  Click here 
Oct 5-26  Monday   12:30pm

Great Presidential Elections in American History

Four Mondays


Join Professor Emeritus Don Schwartz to examine past presidential elections that had a dramatic historic impact, which will serve as a basis for understanding the crucial 2020 election.

$50  Click here 
Oct 5 Monday  3pm  Learning Zoom
Practice Forum

Join Danielle Vierra for a review of skills taught in our Zoom manuals and an open forum to ask focused questions about using Zoom.

 FREE Click here 
 Oct 5  Monday  5pm 

Book Fest:
Eric Furda & Jacques Steinberg, The College Conversation

From an Ivy League dean & a college admissions expert, a guide to help parents support their children as they navigate their way to college.

$6-36   Click here
Oct 6  Tuesday   1pm

Coffee Talk: 
Sharing Stories

Grab a cup of coffee & bring a story that is fun, funny, touching or represent an uplifting experience to share and discuss with Paula Love and others.

FREE Click here 
Oct 6  Tuesday  5pm 

Book Fest:
Casey Cep, Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee 

The first book by this The New Yorker writer is a New York Times bestseller and named one of the best books of 2019 by Time, Glamour, O Magazine, Town and Country & more! $11-24 Click here 
Oct 7 Wednesday 1pm

Virtual Music & Morsels:
The Romantic Piano

Bring your coffee/tea & dessert, take a front row seat at your computer, and join pianist Ian Scarfe for a live recital of Chopin, Brahms, Liszt & more. Q&A follows. FREE  Click here 
Oct 8  Thursday  1pm 

Exploring Opera:
Aria Ready? – The Bel Canto Period

Join James Sokol & vocal coach Ron Valentino for a unique journey of opera history via the exploration of arias by Rossini, Donizetti & Bellini. $20   Click here  
Oct 8  Thursday  5pm 

Book Fest:
Colin Quinn, Overstated: A Coast-to-Coast Roast of the 50 States

In Quinn's new book, the popular comedian, SNL alum, social commentator, and star of the shows Red State Blue State and Unconstitutional tackles the condition of our union today.

$11-36   Click here
Oct 12  Monday  3pm  Learning Zoom Practice Forum

Join Danielle Vierra for a review of skills taught in our Zoom manuals and an open forum to ask focused questions about using Zoom.

FREE  Click here 
Oct 13 Tuesday 1pm

Coffee Talk:
"Book Banter”

Join Danielle Vierra & others for a "no reading book discussion!" Gather to hear and share recommendations, commentary & connections.

 FREE Click here 
 Oct 14, 28  Wednesday 1pm 

Learning Unlimited:
The Art & Business of Theatre
w/Lee Sankowich”

As an art, theatre is a complex medium, not to mention business of its own.  Lee will offer insights into these complexities!

FREE   Click here for 10/14

 Click here
 for 10/28
Oct 15 Thursday 1pm

Exploring Opera:
Aria Ready? – The Romantic Period

Join James Sokol & vocal coach Ron Valentino for a unique journey of opera history via the exploration of arias by Meyerbeer, Verdi, Wagner & Massenet.

$20  Click here 
Oct 15  Thursday  5pm 

Book Fest:
Steve Madden, The Cobbler

In conversation with Holly Firfer, CNN Journalist 

Steve Madden’s name & shoes may be familiar, but not his story. In this raw, intimate, and ultimately inspiring book, he shares his bumpy journey to success and the lessons learned along the way.

Click here
Oct 16 Friday 9:30am

Book Fest:
Yotam Ottolenghi, Ottolenghi Flavor: A Cookbook

The 7-time New York Times best-selling cookbook author teams up with his test kitchen’s Ixta Belfrage to reveal how flavor is created and amplified through 100+ innovative, super-delicious, plant-based recipes. $45  Click here 
Oct 18 Sunday 4pm

Terrific Tastings: 
Nicasio Valley Cheese

Bring your wine & crackers and join our fun, interesting & delicious "happy hour" experience!

Varies Click here 
Oct 19 Monday  3pm 

Learning Zoom Practice Forum

Join Danielle Vierra for a review of skills taught in our Zoom manuals and an open forum to ask focused questions about using Zoom.

FREE Click here 
Oct 19  Monday 5pm 

Book Fest:
Jonathan Safran Foer, We Are the Weather

The New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Safran Foer offers a mind-bending and potentially world-changing call to action on climate change.

$11-25  Click here 
Oct 20 Tuesday  1pm 

Coffee Talk:  Documentaries & Discussions
“The Social Dilemma”

Watch the assigned documentary, then bring your reactions, ideas, point of view & questions to join Paula Love & others for an interactive discussion.

FREE  For details
Click here 

Watch trailer
Click here

Watch documentary 
Click here
Oct 21   Wednesday 1pm 

Learning Unlimited:  REFLECTIVE WRITING

Join us for a no-pressure, free-flowing, guided-writing session with writer/professor Marianne Rogoff. You'll be given a prompt to get you going, write for a short time, then read what you wrote and discuss it with the
group, or not.

FREE  Click here 
Oct 22  Thursday  1pm  Exploring Opera:
Aria Ready? – The Verismo & Modern Periods

Join James Sokol & vocal coach Ron Valentino for a unique journey of opera history via the exploration of arias by Puccini, Strauss & others.

$20  Click here
Oct 22 Thursday 5pm

Book Fest:
Judy Gold, Yes, I Can Say That

In Conversation with Mara Davis

Uninhibited and bold, Gold is as skilled at making readers laugh as she is at exposing uncomfortable truths about our culture and society. In this era of partisan politics and gaping inequalities, this book is the refreshingly candid, wickedly funny and deliciously blunt manifesto we need. 


Click here 
Oct 25  Sunday   5pm

Book Fest:
Harlan Coben, The Boy From the Woods

In Conversation with Emily Giffin, New York Times Bestselling Author

A man with a mysterious past is asked to find a missing teenage girl in this shocking thriller from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of 31 novels.

$23   Click here
Oct 27  Tuesday 1pm 

Coffee Talk:
"Whatcha Watchin'?"

Join Danielle Vierra & others to share entertaining, interesting, educational, or uplifting treasures of what you are watching, plus favorite resources and biggest surprises!

FREE  Click here 
Oct 27 Tuesday 5pm

Book Fest:
Nancy Grace, Don’t be a Victim

In conversation with John Lemley, Sirius Radio Host 

Discover gripping true crime stories and the surprising tools you need to keep you and your family safe — from this iconic legal commentator, TV journalist, and New York Times bestselling author. $11-36  Click here 
Oct 29 Thursday 1pm

Exploring Opera:
Open Forum

Bring your burning (or, at least, smoldering) questions about opera, repertoire, singers, the voice, life behind the curtain, etc. to this open discussion with James Sokol. $8-12 Click Here
Oct 29 Thursday 5pm

Book Fest:
Mike Leven, Can’t Do It Yourself

In this part memoir/part business book, hotel executive Mike Leven recounts a range of fascinating stories from growing up in a multi-generational Russian-Jewish household through his career as an executive for noteworthy hotel chains.

$11-36   Click here

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Opera Behind the Scenes

Let former opera professional & instructor James Sokol pull back the curtain and take you on exclusive, behind-the-scenes visits to the opera. Meet a different special guest opera professional, who brings his/her unique expertise, experiences & insights to our discussion. Live Q&A and video clips highlight our visit. Your ticket purchase helps support not only our programs, but also our guests – opera professionals – who are, mostly or completely, out of work. Come learn, off-stage, what makes the magic happen on-stage!


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