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Sun, January 22, 2017 11:00 am

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About Capoeira Capoeira (pronounced ka-poo-ay-da) is a martial art developed in Brazil by enslaved Africans.   It is a communal game in which two opponents play each other inside a circle, formed by the other players who create rhythm for the game by clapping, singing and playing traditional instruments.  The two “capoeiristas” play a game together using capoeira movements, camouflaging self-defense kicks with playful acrobatics and dance-like moves, spontaneously creating a strategy to fool the other player and perhaps catch them off guard.  At the same time, the two players work together to build a beautiful, harmonic and naturally-flowing game.

The modern art form of capoeira is believed to date back to the 1500’s, when many Africans were taken from different areas of West Africa and brought to Brazil to be used as slaves by the Portuguese.  Because slaves were not allowed to practice martial arts, the development and practice of the art had to be disguised.  The result was capoeira: a way of practicing different defensive and offensive techniques with music, singing, and dance.

About ABADÁ Capoeira Marin  ABADÁ Capoeira Marin's mission is to provide the very best capoeira program in Marin County and enrich students' lives through culture and diversity. By incorporating these values, they hope to help their students become good citizens in our global community. Their program is based on encouragement, truth, trust, active listening, personal effort and no put downs. To learn about class schedules in Marin, please visit the website www.abadamarin.com.

About Kanbar Kids Performing Arts & Culture for the YoungAs part of the Kanbar Center for Performing Arts’ 25th anniversary season, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a new series geared towards our younger audience members.

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