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The Ito Sisters

A panel discussion, moderated by Antonia Grace-Glenn (filmmaker, The Ito Sisters) exploring historical parallels between the Japanese American incarceration camps and the camps set up along our southern borders today.

PIVOT with Michael Lezak

PIVOT's inaugural program is a conversation between Joanne Greene, the JCC's Director of Jewish Engagement, and Rabbi Michael Lezak of the Center for Social Justice at Glide, San Francisco. Previously, Rabbi Lezak served 14 years as rabbi of Congregation Rodef Sholom in San Rafael, California, where he oversaw the congregation’s New Jim Crow Working Group and a number of initiatives to support the incarcerated and their families. The conversation focuses on homelessness, racism and poverty, and what we can do to actively engage and combat these systemic inequalities.

PIVOT with Ilana Kaufman

PIVOT, Episode 2 features an interview with Ilana Kaufman, Director of the Jews of Color Field Building Initiative, who shares her personal experience growing up Black and Jewish and the racism she experiences in the Jewish community. She provides an overview of this moment and the work that must be done by individuals and organizations to address racism that adversely impacts everyone.

PIVOT with Ruben Arquilevich

PIVOT, Episode 3 features a conversation with Ruben Arquilevich, Vice President for URJ Camps, focusing on to give our kids as authentic and meaningful an experience as possible this summer, from the safety of our homes.

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