Rescued Torah - Memorial Scrolls Trust | Osher Marin Jewish Community Center

Rescued Torah - Memorial Scrolls Trust

The Osher Marin JCC is proud to partner with the Memorial Scrolls Trust in London to prominently display Torah MST#732 rescued from the Czech Jewish community of Hostomice, a small town in Bohemia about 20 miles from Prague.

In 1942, Prague was under Nazi occupation and a group of Jewish workers at the Jewish Museum risked their lives to rescue their community’s sacred scrolls and other ritual objects. As hopes faded for rescuing fellow Jews and themselves, they chose to preserve, for future generations, their holy heritage. The Nazis weren’t satisfied with destroying Jewish lives; they also set out to eradicate Jewish culture, tradition and memory.

By sharing this Torah, we are honoring the Jews of Hostomice who perished in the Shoah, ensuring that their lives continue to have meaning and that their culture and tradition are preserved.

We pledge to remember European Jewish life before the Holocaust and to challenge those who pass through our Lobby to confront hatred and prejudice in all its forms and to build bridges across communities.

For more information on the 1564 Torah scrolls that survived the Shoah, please visit