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Art Exhibits

Isaacs Gallery



Social Network Art Competition: Israel 2014-15 


The Osher Marin JCC is pleased to host a traveling exhibition,Social Network Art Competition Israel 2014-15. Three San Francisco Bay Area exhibitions (including the Osher Marin JCC) will be the first stops along a multi-gallery tour for the competition’s 30 works of art. The tour will run through 2015.

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China Camp: A Photographic Journey by Osher Levi

The Osher Marin JCC is pleased to present China Camp: A Photographic Journey, a solo exhibition by artist, musician and Marin County resident Osher Levi. The series, comprised of photographic prints on canvas, focus on the much-revered Marin landmark China Camp State Park as its muse.

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Gallery Information

Exhibits are presented in two locations: The Isaacs Gallery, which is located on your right just past the Osher Marin JCC front desk, and the Kurland Lounge, which is the room on the far left when you enter from the Lobby. Both areas are open during regular Marin JCC hours.

For information about our exhibits, please contact Heidi Sanders by email at hsanders@marinjcc.org