Summer Nights Chair Info | Osher Marin Jewish Community Center

Bring the Correct Chair! 

  • Lawn seating is reserved only for picnic blankets and approved LOW-BACKED chairs.
  • NO HIGH CHAIRS ON TURF! Please refer to chair chart below.
  • Tables in the small café area located in the back are available on a first-come first-served basis (all picnic and small round cabaret tables are reserved in advance, and are available for purchase).
  • Taller or larger lawn chairs that restrict other’s vision, will kindly be asked by staff or security to move to another location.
  • NO seats higher than 7" from the ground.
  • NO chairs greater than 32" overall height (from ground to top of chair) in height, and will be measured at the door.
→ Please be prepared to return your chair(s) to your car if the chair does not conform to restrictions.