Walking In The Valley of the Shadow - And Not Being Afraid | Osher Marin Jewish Community Center

Walking In The Valley of the Shadow - And Not Being Afraid

Sat, December 31, 2016 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Part of a yearlong series of conversations around the Bay Area about everything everyone (Jews by birth, choice, or by association) needs to know about the Jewish way of life and death.





Dying / Death / Burial:
What Jews Do

Walking In The Valley of the Shadow – And Not Being Afraid

A Project of The Gamliel Institute, Sinai Memorial Chapel, & Lehrhaus Judaica

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

11:00 am - 12:30 pm

There are so many things we were not able to learn as children, and here is an opportunity to become confident and comfortable with: Vidui (the Jewish way of last words), Jewish laws, customs and traditions about dying; performing taharah (preparing the body); the funeral service; and issues concerning burial and cremation.


  • Open to all ages because death and grief has no age limit.  Young people as well as older adults lose partners, parents, friends, and family members.
  • Welcoming to individuals from the Former Soviet Union, Israel, Intermarried families, and Jews-By-Choice.  Many in our community are “born there and die here,” and differences in custom and manners can be confusing and frustrating, all the more so in days of grief.
  • Everyone has a place in the conversation, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • The session facilitators are healthcare professionals, rabbis, lawyers, mortuary directors, leaders in the Chevrah Kadisha, and chaplains.  

Six Topics Offered in Six Locations in 2016: The Other Conversation (end of life wishes), The Final Mitzvot (advanced planning), From Dying to Burial (what Jews do), The Art of Comfort, Mourning and Grief (Kaddish and Shivah), and Jewish views of the soul, afterlife, and memory.

You may select any topic in any location in any order.  Choose the topic you need.  You may take any number of topics: one or all six.

To view all topics at all locations around the Bay Area, please click here 

Cost:$10 per class

Co-sponsored by Lehrhaus Judaica, and the Aleph Society of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz.


Rabbi Stuart Kelman, PhD serves as the Dean of the Gamliel Institute.  A graduate of the Jewish Theological Seminary, he holds a PhD in Sociology of Education from USC.  Together with David Zinner, they have created the Gamliel Institute as a way to train a cadre of leaders in the Chevra Kadisha movement in North America who are intent on reclaiming the mitzvot of k’vod hameit and nihum aveylim.  

Rabbi Kelman has published a series of booklets on the topics of bikkur cholim and k’vod hameit. Together with Dan Fendel, he has authored Chesed Shel Emet: The Truest Act of Kindness (3rd edition) and Nihum Aveilim: A Guide for the Comforter, two groundbreaking books that have emerged as part of the Gamliel Institute.  Rabbi Kelman was the founding rabbi of Congregation Netivot Shalom in Berkeley, CA and was the Executive Director of the Agency for Jewish Education in Oakland, CA and of Camp Ramah in Ojai, CA. He was Asst. Prof. of Jewish Education at HUC in LA and one of the founders of the Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education. He is married to Vicky Kelman, and they have 4 married children and 10 grandchildren.

Location: Kurland/Gallery

Osher Marin JCC
200 N. San Pedro Road
San Rafael, CA 94903