Makor Marin

Makor Marin is a project for discovering spirituality in the great outdoors and connecting to a nontraditional, inclusive Jewish community through outdoor adventure and ecology programs. Makor means source or heritage and Marin, of course, is our beautiful home environment. At Makor Marin we meet outside the walls of a building; whether it be in the redwoods, overlooking the Bay, hiking, camping, or volunteering with trail maintenance. Together we explore our natural world through the teachings of Jewish wisdom, mindfulness and outdoor adventure.

Makor Marin offers a variety of programs for families and individuals of all ages which includes family hikes, holiday celebrations, classes in Jewish meditation and spirituality, camping trips, and retreats.
Contact: Rabbi Elana Rosen-Brown - Send Email
Phone: 860.987.3110
Address: 170 N San Pedro Road, San Rafael, CA 94903