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Physical Therapy

Improving Quality of Life

Select Physical Therapy offers a wide range of physical therapy services and is dedicated to enhancing the quality of our patients’ lives. Our clinical team takes pride in outstanding customer service, excellent patient care and strong outcomes. We design a specialized plan of care that is just right for each individual. Through experience, advanced clinical training and clear communication with our patients, our team gives the advantage in recovery! For more information or to request an appointment today, please visit

Set in our fully accessible, 88-degree indoor pool, aquatic therapy is appropriate for any phase of rehabilitation. Warm water enhances muscular relaxation, which increases circulation, reduces swelling and promotes healing.

When immersed to shoulder level, 80% of the body's effective gravity dissipates due to water's buoyancy, reducing compressive forces on the joints. This allows those with chronic pain to move with increased range of motion, and eventually progress from partial to full weight-bearing activity.

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