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Anne Frank Portrait Project

Wed, June 12, 2019

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

—Anne Frank

An Exhibition by Maya Gelfman & Roie Avidan aka Mind the Heart! Project


This image is an “age progression” portrait of Anne Frank, created by the artist Robert Cooper. June 12, 2019 would have been Anne Frank’s 90 birthday if her life had not been tragically cut short. Annelies Marie “Anne” Frank (June 12, 1929-March 1945) was a world-famous German-born diarist and World War II Holocaust victim. Fleeing Nazi persecution of Jews, the family moved to Amsterdam and later went into hiding for two years. During this time, Frank wrote about her experiences and wishes.

Seventy-four years after her death, Anne Frank’s diary retains its importance as a literary work, wartime and Holocaust document, and as a biography of a life cut short.

In an era of rising anti-Semitism, and with the number of Holocaust survivors dwindling, the preservation of her life and story for future generations is of vital importance.

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To honor Anne Frank’s memory, I have done an “age progression” of what she might have looked like on her 90th birthday. 

I first “met” Anne Frank when I was a sophomore at Novato High School and the drama class staged a production of the play. Eventually, I read the book and saw the movie, always touched by the story. In 1984, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. It was profoundly moving.

After a career as an artist mostly at Lucasfilm, I now work at a senior retirement community. We have several Holocaust survivors in residence. Meeting them has stirred up memories of Anne and her story.

I was surprised to realize that this year would have been Anne’s 90th Birthday. I searched the Internet and found an “age progression “of what Anne might have looked like at 80 commissioned by the Anne Frank Trust UK.  To commemorate her 90th birthday, I respectfully offer my own “age progression” of Anne. The goal of this project is to keep her memory alive. If my artwork helps achieve that goal then my time and effort have not been wasted.


Robert Cooper has been creating as long as he can remember. With little formal art training, his formative training was through studying art books and visiting museums. He began working at Industrial Light and Magic in the San Rafael office in the late 1980s, after being hired to work as part of the creature crew on Gremlins. Soon after, he was invited to work in the Creature Shop at ILM, where he spent twelve years sculpting, painting, making molds, and fabricating the fantastic as a puppeteer/creature-maker.