Learning Unlimited: Poetry - Tool for Living | Osher Marin Jewish Community Center

Learning Unlimited: Poetry - Tool for Living

Tue, April 16, 2019 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Stalking The Wild And Captivating Poem

A captivating poem is a different animal. It provides unique access to our interior selves. It helps us reassess our perspectives and beliefs. It changes our minds and hearts. When it grabs us, we feel as if the poem were coming from inside our own body. Suddenly, we know things we did not know we knew. We make new vows. We see everyday objects and events in fresh new, ways. We develop new hungers, quests, and questions. Come to this talk to step out of your everyday world and gather new practical tools for living well. Come to be stopped in your tracks, your mind expanded, stretched and changed… your heart ever so slightly on fire. 

Dale Biron is one of only a handful of poet-storytellers who has presented and taught in educational, community and corporate settings. Bucking tradition, Dale presents poetry in entertaining, engaging and often humorous ways that seek to ignite the mind, unleash the imagination and touch the heart. He’s presented and taught classes in many venues, including TEDx Marin, Herbst Theatre, OLLI Dominican and here at the Marin JCC. He served on the board of the Marin Poetry Center and was past poetry editor for A Network for Grateful Living. In 2014 he published his own book of collected poems entitled: Why We Do Our Daily Practices. Dale’s prose book is entitled, Poetry for the Leader Inside You: A Search and Rescue Mission for the Heart and Soul and was published in 2018.

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