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Cultural Arts Trip: Beguiling Berlin

Tue, April 16, 2019

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Join in our 5-Night Trip or 9-Night Trip (if adding the Pre-Trip Extension) to explore this Central (and former Eastern) European capital, which is known for it’s myriad museums, rich musical life, avant-garde theater scene, historic sites and traditional & modern culinary SCENE.


Settle into our centrally-located 5-Star Hotel and begin our adventure of diverse activities, including a Potsdam Excursion to see interesting and important sites outside of the capital. 


While the country’s 20th-century history was a mess, Germany has lately evolved into a symbol of tolerance, equality, and prosperity around the world. Rather than avoiding it, people now come from all over the globe to visit this bustling city.  Its quirky enclaves attracts artists and other creatives, expats, misfits, entrepreneurs, and immigrants, who happily live amid long-standing Berliners who call this city home. The diversity means it’s hard to pin down Berlin’s ambience precisely: it’s whatever you want it to be.


Upon visiting Berlin, reminders of the city’s fragile history – like the Berlin Wall and Berlin Palace – are present. Such historical attractions mingle with today’s many museums, concert halls, nightclubs and more, which have made Berlin one of Europe’s most exciting destinations! No matter your interests, there’s never a shortage of things to see and do in this beguiling city!

Return home at the end of the trip or join others on a flight to Bucharest for a 15-day/16-night exploration of Eastern European Treasures.  On this trip, explore three magnificent Eastern European cities – Bucharest, Prague, Budapest – each one a treasure!  Plus, venture out of the cities for interesting daytrips to experience yet more treasures.  Filled with seemingly countless enriching, fun and delicious activities, Eastern European Treasures is not to be missed!

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