Marin Jewish Community Scholar-In-Residence: Chaya Gilboa | Osher Marin Jewish Community Center

Marin Jewish Community Scholar-In-Residence: Chaya Gilboa

April 5 - 7, 2019


Join us for a unique weekend filled with immersive, thought-provoking programs throughout Marin County.

 A unique weekend with outstanding programs rotating throughout Marin County! Chaya Gilboa is committed to creating alternatives within the realm of religion and state, establishing an alternative kashrut system. She is active in crafting egalitarian wedding ceremonies and other initiatives that combine feminism and Jewish identity.

Chaya Gilboa is the Foundation’s Director of Jewish Engagement, where she is responsible for Jewish integration and education across all entities at Leichtag Commons with an emphasis on: The Hive at Leichtag Commons, Coastal Roots Farm and the Leichtag Foundation. 

Chaya was born in Jerusalem to an ultra-Orthodox family. Her B.A. in Jewish Philosophy from Ben Gurion University (2008) was followed by a stint as a Hillel International Israel Fellow at Berkeley University and an M.A. in Public Policy from Hebrew University (2013), where she wrote her thesis on Haredi women, religion and state. In 2012, she was scholar-in-residence at the Paideia Institute in Sweden, where she taught Talmud and established an educators’ track.

In 2014, Chaya became Founding Director of Hevruta, a pluralistic, integrated gap-year program for Israeli and North American post-high school students at the Hartman Institute. 

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