New Orleans: The French Quarter & Garden District | Osher Marin Jewish Community Center

New Orleans: The French Quarter & Garden District

November 12 - 17, 1018

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New Orleans: The French Quarter & Garden District

“The Crescent City.” “The Big Easy.” “Nola.” “N’awlins.” Whichever nickname is used, New Orleans is a Vibrant, Multi-Faceted City with an interesting cross-cultural and multilingual heritage. Teeming with beautiful architecture (from quaint row houses to majestic mansions), a dynamic music scene (remember, it’s the birthplace of jazz!), diverse art world (from street artists to galleries), world-renowned cuisine (Cajun! Creole! And more!), Nola has a fascinating history, which includes the French, Spanish, Americans, Cajuns and Creoles (you’ll learn the difference between them), and the African-Americans who settled in and around the city.

Many tourists get caught up in, maybe overwhelmed by, the energy and atmosphere of Bourbon Street with its countless clubs, cocktails and caterwauling. After a nod to this famous lane (after all, you have to see it once!), experience sites, museums, tours and restaurants in other parts of the city, with this trip that focuses on The French Quarter and in The Garden District!

Enrich the experience of Louisiana beyond New Orleans with an Out-of-Town Excursion for Private Guided Tours of two Historic Plantations as well as of a hauntingly beautiful Bayou – a wildlife refuge where alligators and other animals are sure to be seen! 

In the evenings, dive into the city’s Exciting Music Scene which includes a wide variety of styles from Jazz and Blues to Folk, Zydeco, R&B, and more!

While New Orleans is known for annual celebrations and festivals, most notably Mardi Gras, this trip is specifically Scheduled to Avoid the Crowds & Craziness of those periods, allowing for a more local experience. After all, we will be our own party!

Our highly-anticipated New Orleans trip is expected to sell out very quickly!

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