Cultural Arts Trip: Tastes of Spain - SOLD OUT! | Osher Marin Jewish Community Center

Cultural Arts Trip: Tastes of Spain - SOLD OUT!

April 30 - May 9, 2018


Tastes of Spain

Join this 15-day/14-night cultural extravaganza to taste diverse aspects of this multi-faceted country!

Get a taste of very different Regions of Spain, by being based in three major cities – Seville, Madrid & Barcelona – and taking daytrips to nearby towns – Córdoba, Toledo, & Girona.

Get a taste of the wide range of Spanish masters of Fine Arts including Velasquez, El Greco, Picasso, and Dalí.

Get a taste of diverse types of Architecture from the Moorish style with its Middle Eastern aesthetic, to Gothic grandeur to the colorful fantasy of Catalan Modernisme (or “Catalan Art Nouveau,” as some call it), exemplified by the designs of Gaudí.

Get a taste of the complex Religious History, which reveals periods of prosperity and peril for Christians, Moslems and Jews alike.

Taste the varied Regional Cuisines with specialties such as Fideos (noodles), Paella (rice w/any combination of goodies), Salmorejo (cold tomato soup), Tortilla (egg/potato frittata) & more!

Stay in unique Four- & Five-Star Boutique Hotels, gain interesting insights on Private Guided Tours, visit several Historic Sites & Important Museums, relax over Delicious Meals, and have the opportunity to enjoy special Optional Activities.

This exciting Cultural Arts Trip has room for only 16 guests!

Interested travelers are encouraged to reserve their spot(s) ASAP!

Tastes of Spain is offered by the Osher Marin JCC and is open to all. JCC members and non-members, people of all backgrounds and faiths are invited & encouraged to join in these enriching cultural programs.

For information and registration please contact:

James Sokol at 415-444-8017 or