Opening Art Reception - LABSCAPES: Views Through the Microscope | Osher Marin Jewish Community Center

Opening Art Reception - LABSCAPES: Views Through the Microscope

Thu, February 15, 2018 7:00 pm - 8:30 am


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LABSCAPES: Views Through the Microscope

An exhibition that explores the intersection where art meets science

Opening Reception
Thursday, February 15, 7-8:30pm

The Osher Marin JCC is excited to present LABSCAPES: Views Through the Microscope, courtesy of the American Technion Society and the Technion-Israel Insitute of Technology, Israel. The opening reception will feature a discussion with Tamar Bercovici, focusing on creative solutions to intellectual challenges. Dr. Bercovici was named one of Business Insider's 22 most powerful women engineers in tech. She is a Director of Engineering at Box where she leads the Database, Cache and Filesystems teams in scaling Box's core infrastructure. She has been frequently invited to speak at leading technology conferences like Percona, Velocity, @Scale and Grace Hopper. Prior to Box, Dr. Bercovici was an early stage employee at XMPie (now a Xerox company). She holds a PhD from the Technion in computer science, where she also completed her undergraduate work.


When we envision the great landscapes depicted by artists through the ages, what likely comes to mind are looming mountains, raging seas, vast deserts and giant redwoods. In short, the wide-open spaces of our natural world.

But there’s a mysterious world that is far smaller but no less beautiful—the world as seen through a microscope. At the Technion, Israel’s leading science and technology university, scientists and researchers work to solve our world’s greatest challenges, focusing on innovation in areas ranging from biotechnology and aerospace to nanotechnology and computer science. Walk into any lab at the Technion and prepare to be amazed by the breakthroughs in fields from clean energy to cancer research and live-tissue generation.

LABSCAPES brings that sense of wonder to the community by offering a rare chance to peek over the shoulders of some of the world’s most renowned researchers.

The images on exhibit are taken by researchers with a range of microscopes used in the fields of chemistry, physics, life sciences, engineering and medicine. The images are beautiful reminders that human perception is a feeble means by which to comprehend the large and layered world we inhabit.

Curated by Anat Har-Gil, an artistically gifted member of the Technion’s Computing and Information Systems Department, LABSCAPES presents vivid photos that at first glance might seem reminiscent of spectacular natural vistas.

Look more closely and you’ll discover the unexpected—a close-up view of a tiny yet boundless frontier, revealed through the power of the modern microscope. Crystals, bacteria, human cells and other once-mysterious entities, invisible to the naked eye but adding up to a larger pattern of insight and progress.

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