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SOLD OUT! Los Angeles: Downtown Discovery

January 30 - February 4, 2018





Los Angeles:
Downtown Discovery

Jan. 30 – Feb. 4, 2018

Join in this 6-day/5-night journey to experience the exciting renaissance

Founded in 1781, Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) grew as land speculation increased in the 1880s. Infrastructure enhancements and the laying of a street grid brought development into, what is today, the “Historic Core.”

By 1920, new rail lines, an influx of residents, and aggressive land developers transformed the city into a large metropolitan area, with DTLA at its center. Several banks moved in, forming the "Wall Street of the West.” Commercial growth brought new grand hotels, including the historic L.A. Biltmore (1923). Broadway became the center of nightlife, shopping & entertainment. Department stores opened flagship sites to serve a wealthy residential population. DTLA was a vibrant neighborhood!

Following World War II, with suburbanization, the new freeway network, and increased car ownership the area started to decline. The once-wealthy neighborhood became a haven for low-income renters and stately mansions turned into flophouses. From 1930 on, numerous old and historic buildings were demolished to make way for street-level parking lots, which were more profitable. DTLA became a drive-in/drive-out destination for most who would come into the area for a particular reason and leave immediately, once their business was completed.

However, DTLA has been the site of an exciting renaissance! With more residents (not just quick visitors), the district has seen a boom. Since the beginning of this century (re: 2000), DTLA has seen the construction of important new museums, performance venues, office and residential buildings, educational institutions and more!

Join in our exciting trip to discover the rebirth of DTLA!  With private guided tours of interesting museums, sumptuous meals at some of the hottest local restaurants, tickets for three performances (each in a different theater), private guided neighborhood walking tours, art gallery visits and more, Los Angeles: Downtown Discovery is a trip you won’t want to miss!


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