Kanbar Kids :: Around the World with The Marin Symphony | Osher Marin Jewish Community Center

Kanbar Kids :: Around the World with The Marin Symphony

Sun, January 21, 2018 11:30 am

Marin Symphony Kanbar KidsMarin Symphony       

Kanbar Kids Performing Arts & Culture for the Young celebrates the classics in its 2nd season, kicking off with Marin Symphony’s program Around the World.  With the help of the flute, violin, viola, and cello, four musicians from the Marin Symphony will take the audience around the world through music from China, Ireland, Russia, Mexico and the United States. This interactive performance introduces children to different cultures and languages, through the lens of classical music. Join us for this engaging, educational and interactive performance.

About Marin Symphony  

Where great music comes to life. Journey straight to the heart of the music where conductor, soloists and audience become one. Explore new possibilities and new ways to listen and hear. Be inspired by the shared experience of live music.

Vision – To present the highest caliber symphonic concerts—connecting and engaging with our existing community of musicians and audiences at a deeper level—and expanding our reach to include a broader spectrum of people who share a love of classical music. Ultimately, we seek to involve more community members to support the value and benefits of a vital and thriving classical music scene to the culture and the quality of life in Marin.

Mission – To continually improve the artistic excellence of the Marin Symphony orchestra, and its presence and impact in the Bay Area as a high quality local, professional and accessible organization that enriches, educates and transforms lives through classical music.

Music – Our primary focus is bringing exceptional, high quality music experiences to life in Marin. We create programs and performances that express the beauty and excitement of classical music.