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Community Stories from the JCC

There they were. Sitting all together, mom with toddler twins and grandparents, mashing up apples for applesauce. The young girls were gleeful and excited as the apples went through the grinder while grandma talked about latkes...more

Meet William. A man in his late sixties from a small town in the Midwest with a jovial demeanor. I overheard him last week in the hallway at the JCC telling someone that "this place saved my life". Intrigued, I found my way over to William...more

Sam, Molly, and Jake. Three seven-year old kids sitting together having a good laugh. I saw them a few days ago when I visited our winter camp talent show. Amidst the creative hip-hop dance and the silly hard-to-find-the-plot skits, there was plenty to make you giggle...more