Here's what people are saying about us... | Osher Marin Jewish Community Center

Here's what people are saying about us...


"The Osher Marin JCC offers plenty of things that focus on the "J" in its name, but everyone's welcome. All you need are high expectations.

Marin Magazine's Editor Choice for Best Fitness Center


"Osher Marin JCC's facilities have been offering Marinites several terrific reasons to get fit since 1991, and teh options have expanded - cardio equipment, three fitness studios, a full-court gym, an indoor pool, an ourdoor pool, on-site childe care, massage, Pilates and personal training. It's workout just considering the options!"

Pacific Sun Hall of Fame - Best Health Club


"The Osher Marin JCC has three swimming pools offering a full and wide range of programs - basically, something for everyone, from 6 months to 105 years old. Summer brings weekend BBQs at the pool, an opportunity for family fun, music, games and food."

Pacific Sun Hall of Fame - Best Pool


"As a very passionate and long time endurance triathlete, having a consistent and high quality facility to train in is incredibly important to me. The Osher Marin JCC continually exceeds my expectations and provides an extraordinary experience that I look forward to every day I go there to work out. Thank you!"

JCC Member


"If it weren't for the JCC, I would not be here. The JCC saved my life!"

JCC Member


"The JCC is a real gift to our family. It is a warm, friendly place where we all feel very welcome. In that one building my husband and I and our two sons swim, exercise, learn, eat, see shows, meet friends, and play. It feels like a real community and we feel lucky to be a part of it."

JCC Member