70 Year Celebration | Osher Marin Jewish Community Center
Sustaining Jewish Culture · Building Community · Enriching Lives
Since 1948
Please join us on 10.18.18 for a not-to-be missed evening as we honor and thank two extraordinary individuals, celebrate our inspiring history, and look enthusiastically to the future!


Warren G. Lefort
Hilda Namm
Cathy Dobbs Goldstein and Philip Goldstein
Ingrid Tauber and Frank Taforo
Carol and Norman Traeger and Family
Lynn Brinton and Dan Cohn
Barbara and Joel Renbaum
Karen Behnke and Howard Luria
Nancy and Stephen Grand
Marilyn Jacobs
Alison and Danny Rabb
Varda Rabin

Lisa and Matt Wertheim

Lee and Frank Battat
Becky and Bryce Fenster
Susan and Mark Lachtman
Stephanie and Lee Notowich
Deborah and Larry Stadtner
Judy Wolff-Bolton and Woody Bolton

Michelle and Daniel Barenbaum
The Barlow Family
Carolyn and Richard Cogan
Allison and Eli Cohen
Vivian and Emil Cohen
Marci and Marc Dollinger
Laura S. Duffy, M.D.
Julie Fingersh and David Rudnick 
Rita and Kent Gershengorn
Jeffrey Rhine Greendorfer
Ursula Gropper

Jennifer Krasnoff Homa and Eitan Homa
Leslie and Steve Isaacs
Jane and Arnie Kahn
Laurie Kahn and Alan Schneider

Abra and Jordan Sills
Rachel and Loren Kertz
Joan and Jim Kirsner
Susan Kolb

Uma and George Lerner
Tracy and Mark Levie
Melanie and Peter Maier

Gerri and Larry z"l  Miller
Fern and Daniel Ruth
Judie and Leonard Shaw
Debbie and Eric Toizer
Pamela and Jon Welner