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Siona Benjamin: Blue Like Me
Indian-born, New York-based artist Siona Benjamin creates a unique visual language that presents her transcultural, transnational view of the world.


My work reflects my background and the transition between my old and new worlds. Having grown up in a predominantly Hindu and Muslim society, having been educated in Catholic and Zoroastrian schools, having been raised Jewish and now living in America, I have always had to reflect upon the cultural boundary zones in which I have lived. In this transcultural America I feel a strong need to make art that will speak to my audience of our similarities, not our differences as I feel I can contributed to a much-needed “repair” (Tikkun) through my art. I would like my audience to re-evaluate their notions and concepts of identity and race, thus understanding that such misconceptions could lead to racism, hate, and war. 

-Siona Benjamin

The exhibit runs from October 3, 2017-January 5, 2018. 

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