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An Ethical Start & JECEI


"Do not look at the jug but what's inside." ~ Pirkei Avot, Chapter 4: Mishna 27

An Ethical Start® is a values-based curriculum designed for JCC preschools to teach Jewish ethics to young children and supports families in bringing these values into their homes. As one of the original pilot sites for an Ethical Start®, our school weaves universal values and Jewish traditions into all aspects of our program through the language of Pirkei avot (ethics of ancestors), integrating wisdom of our sages into our common language. As an example...By creating vessels to hold their important attributes, children discover what is inside their hearts that makes them unique and caring individuals. Our values, lenses, and the wisdom of our past help guide us to continue on our journey of learning and self discovery to help create caring, compassionate individuals with an insatiable quest as life-long learners.


JECEI - Jewish Early Childhood Education Initiative
Our school was honored to be selected in the first cohort of schools to participate in the national Jewish Early Childhood Education Initiative (JECEI), founded to transform Jewish ECE to create the highest quality education programs steeped in Jewish values and to generate model schools of excellence across the country. We are currently continuing on our JECEI journey along with 21 other schools nationally. We are guided on our school's journey by the richness of Jewish values and traditions that create a foundational set of ideas that are expressed as lenses, a way of viewing and experienceing our lives and the world.

JECEI lenses that inspire the work of our program

You will do and you will understand

Relationship, reciprocity, belonging and commitment

Capability, dignity and potential


Reflection, return and renewal

Inquiry, dialog and transmission

Intentionality and presence; sacred space and sacred time

Amazement, wonder and gratitude