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The beautiful, colorful, joyful dance of India from Dholrhythms Dance Co.

Kanbar KidsDholrhythms Dance Company    
About Dholrhythms Dance CompanyDedicated to promoting the artistic and cultural heritage of India through the beautiful Bhangra and Giddha folk dances of Punjab, India, co-founders Vicki Virk and Suman Raj envisioned Dholrhythms as a way to share their love of community, culture, and dance while inviting diversity and unity. Dholrhythms highlights the ancestral and ethnic roots of the Punjabi dance form while pushing boundaries with contemporary influences. The result is a fresh and exciting dance full of joy, energy, and passion.

Since its inception in 2003, Dholrhythms has grown into a boundless and unique platform for people of diverse backgrounds to come together, express themselves, and dance in a non-competitive and positive environment. Dholrhythms Dance Company has been featured on exceptional stages and platforms such as TEDxSF, Stern Grove Festival, Michael Franti’s Power to the Peaceful Festival, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Oakland Museum of California, The Fillmore and much more! Dholrhythms also co-founded, hosts, and headlines the legendary monthly event, Non Stop Bhangra, voted as the one of “Best Dance Parties” in San Francisco.

What is Bhangra?
Bhangra is a beautiful form of expression, a celebration of life, performed with overwhelming and infectious energy. The basic movements of Bhangra relate to farming activities like ploughing, sowing and harvesting. Traditionally performed to celebrate the harvest, Bhangra reflected the enthusiasm and appreciation shared among rural folk as they witnessed their hard labor bear fruit. The main instrument played during Bhangra is a barrel size drum called the dhol accompanied with a single string instrument called the tumbi. Bhangra is truly one of the most joyous and celebratory forms of dancing, typically performed at festive occasions and celebrations by all generations alike.

About Kanbar Kids Performing Arts & Culture for the YoungAs part of the Kanbar Center for Performing Arts’ 25th anniversary season, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a new series geared towards our younger audience members.

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