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Jewish American Fiction Book Club - Moonglow by Michael Chabon

Wed, May 10, 2017 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Focusing on the Jewish experience in America from a literary perspective. 2nd Wednesday, of every-other month

Moonglow by Michael Chabon

One Bay One Book

Co-sponsored by The Fairfax Library, a Branch of the Marin County Free Library



Jewish American Fiction Book Club –Moonglow by Michael Chabon (One Bay One Book 

About Moonglow

Moonglow unfolds as the deathbed confession, made to his grandson, of a man the narrator refers to only as "my grandfather." It is a tale of madness, of war and adventure, of sex and desire and ordinary love, of existential doubt and model rocketry, of the shining aspirations and demonic underpinnings of American technological accomplishment at mid-century and, above all, of the destructive impact - and the creative power - of the keeping of secrets and the telling of lies. A gripping, poignant, tragicomic, scrupulously researched and wholly imaginary transcript of a life that spanned the dark heart of the twentieth century, Moonglow ranges from the Jewish slums of prewar South Philadelphia to the invasion of Germany, from a Florida retirement village to New York's Wallkill Prison, from the heyday of the space program to the twilight of 'the American Century'. Collapsing an era into a single life and a lifetime into a single week, Moonglow is a lie that tells the truth, a work of fictional non-fiction, an autobiography wrapped in a novel disguised as a memoir.

About the Jewish American Fiction Book Club

This book club focuses on the Jewish experience in America from a literary perspective – with occasional live Skype appearances by the authors! We read both contemporary novels and classic 20th century fiction by famous and new authors. We will look at all ages, from Holocaust survivors to coming-of-age tales, alternating between female and male authors.

Everyone is welcome—you don't have to be Jewish to love Jewish novels!


Location: The Fairfax Library, 2097 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Fairfax, 415-457-5629

More Info: Contact David Knepler at 415.488.0241 or call the Fairfax Library at 415.457.5629.