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Amy Goodman & Denis Moynihan::The Silenced Majority

Mon, October 22, 2012 6:00 pm

Televised Presidential Debate/Book Presentation @ 6pm • Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan in conversation @ 7:45pm followed by meet and greet with book signing.
Adv tickets: members $10/ public $12
All tickets day of $15
General Admission Seating

The Silenced Marjority

by Amy Goodman & Denis Moynihan




"Amy Goodman continues the quest for global
justice and awareness by bringing us stories and
a perspective that we don't normally get from the mainstream media."

~Danny Glover

"[Carries] the great muckraking tradition of
Upton Sinclair, George Seldes, and i.F. Stone
into the electronic age."

~Howard Zinn

"You can learn more of the truth about Washington and the world from one week of Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! than from a month of
Sunday morning talk shows. Make that a year
of Sunday talk shows. Amy...knows the critical
question for journalists is how close they are to
the truth, not how close they are to power."

~Bill Moyers

"Amy Goodman is one of the most important
voices in America. She challenges the manipulation
of information and dissemination of lies
by the power elite. She refuses to pander to a
culture where news is seen as another form of
entertainment designed to bolster corporate
profits. She holds steadfast to the core values of
our trade. Her integrity and honesty remind us
that a culture that can not distinguish between
illusion and reality dies."

~Chris Hedges

"Amy Goodman has consistently set the bar for
common sense journalism. every weekday
morning Democracy Now! is the one place you
can learn of events, usually straight from the
horse’s mouth, and not from a 'news model'
telling you what to think. There is no one who
should be more on mainstream media, every day
reminding us and giving us a glimpse of the
power of one, than Amy. She will go down in history as one of the voices of democracy's greatest champions. A collection of all of her hard work, on our behalf, is a great reference tool…and brilliantly

~Willie Nelson

Join us for the 3rd and final presidential debate that will be televised live from Boca Raton, FL in the Hoytt Theater.

After a brief intermission following the debate,  four time New York Times bestselling author Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! and co-author Denis Moynihan will discuss their new book "The Silenced Majority: Stories of Uprisings, Occupations, Resistance, and Hope".  Amy Goodman is  the co-founder, executive producer and host of Democracy Now!, a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program airing on more than 900 public broadcast stations in North America, a syndicated columnist, investigative reporter and author.


Pre-Event the Plaza J Cafe will be open for light dinners
           (Food may be brought into the theater)
Doors open @ 5:15
6:pm the Debate will be shown ion the large screen the Hoytt Theater
Intermission following the debate
7:45 Authors Amy Goodman & Denis Moynihan in conversation
Meet & greet and book signing & sales to immediatly follow program


Advance tickets:  members $10/ public $12

All tickets day of$15

General Admission Seating

Presented in association with Community Media Center of Marin

And Book Passage



It is the policy of the JCC not to endorse any political candidate.

This event will be filmed.

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"Amy Goodman has taken investigative journalism to new heights." Noam Chomsky

"Amy Goodman is not afraid to speak truth to power. She does it every day." Susan Sarandon

"Crusading journalism at its best." Arianna Huffington

"A towering progressive freedom fighter in the media and the world." Dr. Cornel West

"What journalism should be: beholden to the interests of people, not power and profit." Arundhati Roy

"Amy Goodman is a national treasure." Tavis Smiley



Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan began writing a weekly column, “Breaking the Sound Barrier,” for King Features Syndicate in 2006. This timely new sequel to Goodman’s New York Times bestseller of the same name gives voice to the many ordinary people standing up to corporate and government power—and refusing to be silent. The Silenced Majority pulls back the veil of corporate media reporting to dig deep into the politics of “climate apartheid,” the implications of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the movement to halt the execution of Troy Anthony Davis, and the globalization of dissent “From Tahrir Square to Liberty Plaza.” Throughout Goodman and Moynihan show the work of ordinary people to change their media—and change the world.

Amy Goodman is an award-winning investigative journalist and syndicated columnist, author and the host of Democracy Now! airing on more than 1,000 public television and radio stations in 35 countries. Goodman is the first journalist to receive the Right Livelihood Award, widely known as the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’ for “developing an innovative model of truly independent grassroots political journalism that brings to millions of people the alternative voices that are often excluded by the mainstream media.” The Independent of London named Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! “an inspiration”

Pulsemedia.org placed Goodman at the top of their 20 Top Global Media Figures.

Goodman is the author of four New York Times bestsellers, inlcuding her latest, Breaking the Sound Barrier. She co-authored the first three bestsellers, Standing Up to the Madness, Static, and The Exception to the Rulers, with her brother, journalist David Goodman.

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