Osher Marin Jewish Community Center | Osher Marin Jewish Community Center

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is built on the foundation of our image of the child as a competent and capable individual with the potential to construct his or her own knowledge about the world in which we live and inspired by the philosophy and educational practices of the schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy. We are guided by developmentally appropriate practice and believe that it is through the passionate pursuit of play that children focus on their interests and make meaning of the world.

Constructivism and emergent curriculum, together with Jewish values, provide the core principles of our approach to early childhood education. Constructivism asserts that children create knowledge and internalize values as a result of interacting with their physical and social world.

Emergent curriculum builds on the interests of the children through sustained project work coupled with the teachers’ role as a guide and researcher and based on a deep knowledge of child development. Literacy, science and mathematical concepts are woven into the natural work of the classroom. Jewish values include concepts of respect, honoring others and taking care of our community and the environment. We reflect Jewish culture by organically integrating values, traditions and customs into the curriculum through music, language, literature, expressive arts, cooking, dance, and play.