Osher Marin JCC Staff & Board

Board of Directors

Eric Toizer

Vice President
Lynn Brinton

Lee Notowich

Jon Welner

At Large
Daniel Rabb

Immediate Past President
Deborah Stadtner

Board Members

Daniel Barenbaum
Vivian Cohen
Marci Dollinger
Julie Fingersh
Kent Gershengorn
Cathy Dobbs Goldstein
Arnie Kahn
Jennifer Krasnoff Homa
Howard Luria
Daniel Ruth
Matt Wertheim


Staff Phone Directory

The JCC has a direct-dial telephone system. If you do not know who to call our Customer Service Desk staff will be happy to assist you. The main phone number is (415) 444-8000.

Staff e-mail

To e-mail anyone on our staff, please enter the first initial of their first name followed by their last name, and then @marinjcc.org.

Administrative Services

Chief Executive Officer
Judy Wolff-Bolton (415) 444-8030

Chief Operating Officer
Jim Offel (415) 444-8009

Interim Chief Financial Officer
Tom Brown (415) 444-8020

Director of Development
Masha Shifs (415) 444-8028

Tim Egan (415) 444-8052

Human Resources Director
Lee Ann Guerrero Buckley (415) 444-8023

Payroll/Benefits Manager
Kelley Thieme (415) 444-8021

Accounting Manager
Trish King (415) 444 8025

Accounts Payable
Huguette Mair (415) 444-8024

Plaza J Cafe 

Cafe Manager
Robin Adams (415) 444-8075

Center for Adult Living & Learning

Director, Center for Adult Living & Learning
James Sokol (415) 444-8017

Shabbat Lunch Coordinator
Melody Horowitz (415) 444-8045

Adult Programs Supervisor
Danielle Vierra (415) 444-8088

Early Childhood Education

ECE Director
Tamar Lai (415) 444-8160

ECE Operations Director
Doris Simon (415) 444-8046

San Rafael Preschool Director
Rachel Falk (415) 444-8047

Tiburon Preschool Director
Erin Burns (415) 388-1409

ECE Assistant Operations Manager
Eliza Weeks (415) 444-8162 

Family Connections & JymBABIES Coordinator

Melody Horowitz (415) 444-8045

Kanbar Center for the Performing Arts

Director, Kanbar Center for the Performing Arts 
Linda Bolt (415) 444-8081

Special Event Sales and Operations Supervisor
Suzanna Gratz (415) 444-8084

Production Supervisor
Jordan Smetzer (415) 444-8086

Kanbar Administrator and Kanbar Kids Events Coordinator
Heidi Paul (415) 444-8089

Koret Center for Health & Fitness

Koret Center Director
Heather Skoda (415) 444-8036

Operations Manager
Barbra Rosenstein (415) 444-8096

Aquatics Operations Manager 
Christine Milburn (415) 444-8033

Group Fitness & KidCare Supervisor
Norma Prieto (415) 444-8029

Swim Lesson Manager 
Drew Nelson (415) 444-8005

Fitness Manager
Jaronimo Wright (415) 444-8035

Aquatics Therapy Supervisor
Regan Bradshaw (415) 444-8034

Customer Service Desk
(415) 444-8004

Personal Trainers:
(415) 444-8035

Jaronimo Wright
Clara Gray
Jay Elliott
Jocelyn Freid
Karine Cauchon 
Todd Mikolajczyk
Robert Werner
Carol Viliani
Dalton Copeland

Center for Jewish Peoplehood

Director, Center for Jewish Peoplehood 
Heidi Sanders (415) 444-8080

Director of Jewish Engagement
Joanne Greene (415) 444-8066

Center for Jewish Peoplehood Program Administrator
Mara Tzizik-Swanson (415) 444-8090


Marketing & Communications

Director of Marketing & Strategic Projects
Iris Lax (415) 444-8015

Creative Digital Director
Ben Smith (415) 444-8007

Marketing Communications Coordinator
Adam Pickus (415) 444-8060

Membership & Customer Service

Customer Service Supervisor
Simone Alves (415) 444-8010

Membership Services
Mary Dombrovski (415) 444-8012

Toole Center for Youth & Family

Camp Director 
Brittany Mihalik (415) 444-8166